Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Brother: So Far

So we are over a week into Big Brother 2009 and I have to say... it's not all that bad. Certainly better than quite a few other seasons. We've already had arguments, a walk out, 2 evictions, relationship break ups and slime. It doesn't get better than this.

My thoughts on the housemates now we've had a chance to see them:

Angel - Angel seems to be a shy, emotionally fragile boxer. She is truly the most socially awkward housemate of all time. Her strange massage of Charlie actually made me hide my eyes behind my hands in embarrassment. She broke down in tears when Rodrigo told her to stop being so negative. Yet, I quite like her. She isn't nasty and when Halfwit's bed was stolen she was the one to get it back. Nice.

Cairon - Cairon is the polar opposite of the sort of person I'd want to associate with. Foul mouthed (in a mean way too), stupid and quick to anger he doesn't endear himself to me. Sure I understand why he wouldn't like Sree, but getting angry when Sree implied Cairon disrespects women is a little hypocritical. This is Cairon who stands around the bus stop with Halfwit and Siavash talking about which girl he wants to "fuck". He is not exactly respecting himself or the women involved there is he? Pot calling kettle Cairon. Come in kettle.

Charlie - Charlie is a very handsome guy. There's no getting around that. But whilst I believe he'd be lovely to look at, he's the sort of guy I avoid. He is vain, a little slow and does things without thinking about them. Not only did he raid Siavash's luggage for clothes, we are told by Saffia on last night's BBBM that he then damaged some of it and left a hat on the windowsill where it got crushed by the shutters. He means well and just wants to have fun but I doubt I'd be able to put up with him for too long.

Dogface - I haven't really paid much attention to this one. So I can't be too mean. But she did get a boob job which always makes me think she's a little vain. And vanity is the one thing I hate above all other things. However for making Saffia upset by "getting with" Kris, I'll give her another chance.

Halfwit - I went from hating him when he entered, liking him by mid week for being fairly intelligent and seemingly quite nice, and now I just feel sorry for him. I know he stated he wanted to do this to further his political career but I thought that was just something he said. I didn't think he was stupid enough to actually believe BB would be beneficial for a political career. But when begging to be kept in the house before last nights eviction he said he wanted Great Britain to get to know him better and I just thought... how embarrassingly naive this poor boy is. Give him a hug people!

Karly - After watching her explain the origin of modern English to Rodrigo I think Karly is my number one choice for a visit to a North Korean reeducation camp. She explained that the reason German and English are "so similar" (her words and not mine!) was because the Nazis came over during the war and that's when the languages got mixed up. Yes. She said that (paraphrased from memory). Watching her bounce confusedly between Sree (who called her a slapper) and Cairon (who wants her to be a slapper) was amusing in a really awful way. She isn't the smartest girl in the world.

Kris - This is the hunk of the house? I think not. He is more a male model sort. Alright to look at but he hardly gets the blood flowing now does he? Vanity again. Grr... Unfortunately it is somewhat apparent already with the way he treated Saffia and the way he's clinging to Dogface that he has come on Big Brother for the fame alone. Sure I'm not naive enough to believe that there's anyone in the house not looking for fame but most seem to be there for other reasons too. He is fairly flagrantly just a boring hanger on hoping for a C list career in the tabloids.

Lisa - Oh Lisa. I can imagine living with her for more than a week would drive even the most patient quite insane, I actually LOVE Lisa. She speaks her mind, she is quite sensible, and she seems like a nice person. When Karly and Dogface rudely took a token and got booze without asking the house, Lisa was the only one to make a stand and say "No... that was STUPID". Gotta respect that.

Marcus - The daddy of the house, is actually a rather shrewd individual. He saw through Sree in seconds, which isn't too hard but he did better than most housemates. But I haven't seen enough of him to form any other opinions.

Noirin - The least offensive girl in the house? Possibly. She might have come across VERY BADLY in her VT, but she's been a lot easier to like in the house. Whilst she flirts and has some fun, she doesn't seem to be as stupid or vain as Karly and Dogface. She might make it to the final.

Rodrigo - Well you know I love Rodrigo. But I've concerns he might not make it to the end. He is getting very easily upset by things (the lack of positivity, the cleanliness of the house) and even though he's only two years younger than me, comes across as a little emotionally immature. I hope I'm wrong but I think that he is up there with Angel to be a possible emotional casualty of the BB house.

Siavash - I find him disagreeable but when I think about it it's only the way he speaks and the fact he hangs around with Cairon that really annoys me. So maybe I've been a bit harsh on him. I'll try to keep an open mind.

Sree - Where do you start with this man? He's like a hippy, wrapped inside a moralising douchebag, wrapped inside an emotionally fragile boxer, buried beneath someone playing the game. He comes out with the most overbearing, snobby comments and then wonders why people don't like them. He actually said that he was a "golden person" the other day compared to the other housemates. Jesus. And he spends his time in the house thanking God and praying to God and generally getting on God's nerves about as much as he gets on mine. Sure Cairon went over the top at him, and basically bullied him aggressively, but when you act like Sree does then these things happen. He is my number one pick to go at the next eviction. God willing ;)

If you saw BBBM last night, then you had a chance to witness one of the best pieces of BB telly in ages. Sophia vs. Saffia. Bitch on bitch. It was handbags at dawn and both came off looking like utter cows. Davina lapped it up. Best bit was Saffia explaining that she didn't walk because she was upset about Dogface and Kris but because she didn't want to miss her 1 year olds first steps. Erm... then why go in the house in the first place??? Poor Beinazir gets booted THEN Saffia decides to leave? Grrr...

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