Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saffia and Sophia: A Match Made In Hell

Check out the latest Big Brother clip. Sophia and Saffia have an argument when Sophia calls Saffia boring. Whilst I'm sure this is quite true it was a little rude of Sophia to say so. But really if I was Sophia I think the indignant look on Saffia's face would have made up for being a little uncouth.

Sophia is an inarticulate, hot headed girl who seems to lack any concept of good manners, whilst Saffia is a false, smug and over confident woman who seems to lack the skills to avoid conflict.

Please don't let Sophia go tomorrow as I really want to see the sparks continue to fly.

P.S. Rodrigo is even cuter when he is angry. This time about how dirty the house is. Watch out Rodrigo sounds like someone is being negative!

Aww... if he looked like that every time the house was messy I'd be throwing things on the floor every chance I got.

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