Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blasts From The Past: The Loft Story

You know there is nothing quite like reading old posts from this very blog. I was only 19 and just about to move from Folkestone to Lympne.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

The loft has always been my space. So it was my duty to start the moving out process there. I didn't realise it would be so emotionally draining.

Firstly I had to go through over 500 letters.... from my Canadian pen pal, the SFX saga, Stephen, and random bods.... I threw the SFX lot straight off. Then I lovingly perused the others. It was really sad to peer through the dusty remnants of my past. People I had loved, lost, hated, treated badly. All were there in my letter collection. I miss getting letters. At one point I used to get 10 a day (that was during the SFX penpal scenario)!

Then I got a surprise. A letter from Melly while in hospital. From my more mature point of view I see it was really a cry for help... although at the time I treated as Melly being her usual fun and silly self. I cried when I saw it. Sobbed. Melly I will always love you.

Then I went further back, uncovering old journals, my own version of ancient texts. :o) So many entries. So much stuff I had forgotten. Then I found a porn collection of shocking quantity. I can't even remember it, but it was up there. God it must be like 5 years old! Threw it out anyway.... which was good for me really as with the current parental settings I haven't seen porn in ages, yet was restrained and grown up and didn't even give this collection a passing glance as I chucked it. Except one that said, "When the fuck did I get you?"

I realised that I have almost 1000 issues of 2000AD! Ouch have decided to throw out my entire mag collection to ensure I have space for my comics at my new house.

Then finally as I moved the boxes aside I found my old hideaway. It consisted of a mattress, a bunch of books, a writing pad filled with my stories, a torch and my Book of Shadows. I hadn't been there in years. My Book of Shadows and a Dean R Koontz book (half read) were left open. It was like one day a couple of years back I had been called out for dinner..... and never gone back. I sat there for a while reading my Book of Shadows, and wondering what happened to the nice quiet Jae who once sat up here reading. When was he replaced by bitchy, loud Jae?

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