Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Luke has tagged me! Nooooo... I've avoided being tagged in one of these meme's for so long, at least since I relaunched this blog three years ago. So let us all firstly boo at Luke for his meanness! Booooooo... ;)

So here we go...

The Rules

-Link the person who tagged you
-State the rules in your blog
-Tell 6 quirks about yourself
-Tag 6 other bloggers
-Leave a comment on the blogs of the people you’ve tagged telling them they’ve been tagged and to go to your blog for details

1) I don't know how tall I am. You may see me write 6'8" one day and 6'10" the other. There's two reasons for this. The first is practical. The last physical I had the nurse was very, very short so we agreed a guess would suffice as there was no way she was going to be able to see the measurement, and I was taller than the ruler anyway...

The second is simply that I don't care. I'm not like one of those people who are 5'11 AND A HALF. Being 6'8" is just as impressive (or not) as 6'10" and so I don't bother seeking out the exact answer.

2) My legs have a life of their own. Jim will tell you that not only do I move my legs CONSTANTLY in a back and forth rhythm that drives him to distraction, I also tend to knock anything freestanding within my legs reach (2 kilometres radius) flying.

3) I pretend my obsessions pass quickly when in fact they linger at the very centre of my being forever. From dinosaurs at the age of 3, through the Sixth Former and MT and down to my current obsession with Pchy.... none of them ever go away.

If you think I don't still know what a parasauralophus is after 22 years, you'd be gravely mistaken. If you didn't think I still spend time every year enquiring as to who the Sixth Former was, then I'm afraid you don't know me at all!

4) Until just a month or so ago I had trouble sleeping if the curtains weren't fully drawn or the door to the room wasn't completely closed. This stemmed from issues arising from the Shadow Man and a rather ghoulish incident involving a room with no curtains and a vengeful former step father. Looks like I'm over it though. Hurrah!

5) Despite not believing in an afterlife, a God nor even anything supernatural (I'm putting the Shadow Man down to a hallucination) I am still superstitious. I cannot pick up a knife if I drop it (thanks for that one Mum... learned behaviour is EVIL). And my over excited imagination is full boogieman in closets and behind curtains. I know... it's weird!

6) I give 5% of my income to charities and causes I believe in. It kind of just happened but now I see it as a way of life. Each one represents a thing that makes me happy.

WWF: Nature
War on Want: A move to end great suffering across the world
Amnesty: Freedom
The Lib Dems: An imperfect but well meaning attempt to bring liberal values to the country.

I always add an extra charity or two whenever I get a pay rise, keeping the 5% rule.


I don't do tags on others... just as I don't pass on chain letters nor send on idiotic emails (if you don't send this to 2 million people in five minutes you'll DIE!). But as a general rule, if you are reading this... you ar TAGGED!


  1. Those are 6 interesting facts, I did not know already about you.

    Luckily I skipped the last paragraph, so I am not tagged!! :)

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    I love meme's like that. They help the reader to get to know the author better in easy to digest bite-sized portions. More meme's on Jae Blog :o)


  3. Well my life is kind of dull at the moment as I eat properly, don't drink and I'm saving money... so maybe you're onto something there James...

    P.S. Steve is soooo tagged.

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