Monday, June 30, 2008

The Stolen Earth: Doctor Who 4.12

Spoilers are more than a constant threat in this post...

OK guys. I thought that I'd never know true happiness. That perfection, true perfection, was beyond the capacity of human kind. But now I know that I was wrong.

This weekend's episode of Doctor Who was a fanboy's dream. It had:

1) Daleks.
2) Davros
3) Crossovers! The remnants of Torchwood and Sarah Jane and Luke both feature. AWESOME!
4) Blasts from the past. Harriett Jones, former Prime Minister and the Judoon.
5) Links to rest of the series (bees, the Shadow Proclamation)
6) Companions! There was Rose (not so exciting) and MARTHA!! (molto bene!).
7) Action
8) Peril
9) A cliffhanger that is verrrrrrrrrrrry classic who. Sarah Jane and Torchwood face down two sets of Daleks who are preparing to exterminate and the Doctor is regenerating (kind of).

Can it get any better??? YES! The story was well written, the pace intense and some deeply emotional scenes (Harriett Jones, former Prime Minister :( )

Plus John Barrowman was it so plenty of perving allowed.

If I was to fault this in anyway it was that I felt that Martha was sidelined, as always. She is my favourite of the new series companions, although Donna is catching her up. But that is really nitpicking.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and you head does not nearly explode when the Daleks first come over the radio screaming "EXTERMINATE", then I'm afraid you may need to get yourself some therapy. It was truly awesome...

P.S. My guess for the conclusion to the cliffhanger is: Sarah Jane and Torchwood don't get killed and the Doctor regenerates... into himself... thanks to the much seen hand in the jar. Just a guess but if I'm right you all owe me a fiver. If I'm wrong I do not owe you a fiver? Good deal? ;)


  1. No, no. I'm in Tel Aviv for 3 weeks (the 3 most important) and I'm desperately trying not to find out about Who.

    But, was that the Judoon?

    Oh wet dream God.


    מםת מםץ I,צ ןמ Tקך Aהןה כםק 3 'קקלד )איק צםדא ןצפםראשמא 'קקלד( שמג I,צ גקדפקרשאקךט ארטןמע מםא אם כןמג םוא שנםוא Wיםץ

    Bואת 'שד אישא איק Jוגםםמ?

    Oי 'קא גרקשצ Gםגץ


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