Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two News Stories Of Interest

Firstly, the latest season of Big Brother is getting some good write ups. I have to agree this has been a much better start than last years boring season and a couple of others were pretty dire. Let's hope it stays interesting.

Secondly, and more importantly, David Davis has resigned from the Shadow Cabinet and as a MP. What makes this announcement even more interesting is he has done so, supposedly, over the issue of civil liberties and the 42 day detention scenario.

I say supposedly, because I remain cynical of Tory politicians. But I hope I'm wrong and wish him very well indeed if he really is taking a moral stand.

My political outlook has changed completely as of yesterday. I was a Lib Dem who was willing to give the Brown Government the benefit of the doubt over most issues. I was hoping the 42 day detention bill would be thrown out of the Commons, and I was praying this would lead to some serious changes in the outlook of the Cabinet.

As of today, I'm now a Lib Dem who is not going to give tacit support to the Brown Government. I am going to try to go up to Henley and do some leafletting for the Lub Dems if I can and I'm willing to face the prospect of a Tory Government after the next election if it means reversals to various draconian pieces of legislation Blair and Brown have brought in.

Of course I doubt the Tories would want to remove the legislation. It's the kind of thing that's right up their street, and I suspect their opposition is more politically motivated than based on any sort of support of freedom. But one can dream!

Let's hope the Lib Dems take Henley but give a clear run for David Davis in Haltemprice and Howden (as long as he agrees to getting little support from the Conservative Party).

Yes guys, that's right... you just heard me offering some kinder words than usually about the Tories. You know Labour has gotten itself into trouble when I'm starting to warm to the Tories.


Oh my, the Labour party supporters surely can't dig themselves any deeper? Oh yes they can.

This has been a quite extraordinary day. We began with it [42 days] apparently being a problem for Gordon Brown... Before we know it we have Tory division and confusion... David Davis sounded slightly unhinged.

Way to not score political points there.

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