Monday, June 09, 2008

Who's The Biggest Bitch In Big Brother?

So it's been a few days and people are beginning to show their true colours. Firstly an apology...

I thought Luke was going to be terribly annoying, but he hasn't been so bad and seems a lot more intelligent than I had given him credit for. So I apologise for the my knee jerk dislike.


Alexandria: Wow. She is even more arrogant and nasty than I had imagined. She is a very cynical, difficult and unlikeable individual. She is my number one dislike. I hope she does something really awful and get's thrown out. She's a self important arse.

Dennis: This one goes between "horrible" camp displays (I love campness, but this campness is the wrong side of "bitch") and morose bitching. If he isn't dancing you'll find him sitting in a small group, looking like he is sucking on a lemon whilst bad mouthing anyone who isn't there. Get him out, he is making the self obsessed Dale and Stephanie look likeable in comparison!!!

Sylvia: Is a mini me version of Alexandria but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt as I think Alexandria is a very bad influence.

So those three are my least favourite contestants and I hope to see the back of them as quickly as possible... sadly none of them are up for eviction as Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie failed their task. This was mainly due to Stephanie being a terrible actress and not exactly being interested in winning. I hope she goes simply as I think the other three tried a lot harder to stay in.

And then there is Michael. I don't agree with the bookies who have him as a favourite. Don't get me wrong... I think he is great! But after the last few days I get the impression a few more weeks of him will really rub people up the wrong way.

Finally... Kathreya!!! Oh my God... she is "Hirrrrrrrrarious" as she would say. Cookie power!!! And she is so nice, spending her time talking about how such and such person isn't all that bad when others are bad mouthing them. Love her. She has a lot of "dinity". ;)

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