Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Blog Post? Already???

So along with the increase in blog posts around here, other things are happening in my life. I’m applying for new jobs in a bid to increase my salary, some of these jobs are offering silly money for a position exactly the same as the one I am in currently. That is a good sign. And customer service is not a part of the business world likely to be too adversely affected in any downturn. Sure there will be less jobs, but there will still be jobs going. My dream of changing jobs to something that interests me more has been placed on hold. I have a better dream now, and all I want is a job which will help fund that dream. If it pays more, then count me in! And a change will do me good. I’ve been looking at CVs today and there are all from people my age and I have far better employment histories than them… so I don’t feel so bad about moving on after 3 years here.

At the same time I am doing my utmost to work out ways of making even more money, from gambling (see my Euro 2008 experiment) through paid consumer surveys and even crazy competition applying (50 competitions entered this weekend).

Sadly my moral stand against too many adverts on blogs is going out the window. Once I’ve settled on an advertising programme that is not too intrusive (I hate those sites that have Google ads between their posts and stuff) I will be adding it to my blog. I apologise to you, Dear Constant Reader, for this capitalist invasion of this personal diary but I promise to try to put any money earned to good use. But those reading this via a feed reader do not worry… I will not be doing that annoying thing of “more after the cut off” that is becoming increasingly common on other feeds in order to force readers to visit the actual website. That is silly from a “reader relations” view point and I am just very thankful to you for reading!

And in great news… I am really losing weight. Last week I discovered I had gone down a notch on my belt. Today I found that, although not quite so comfortably, I’m down another notch!!! I haven’t had any alcohol in weeks (a couple of pints since getting back from holiday), and chocolate is now becoming a warm and fuzzy, but distant, memory. And yes I am still eating! 3 meals a day, and good meals too!

So there you have it guys… changes are in the air…

Things to do this month:

1) Be up to a “tourist” level of Thai speaking by end of the month (greetings, numbers, dates, basic questions and answers).
2) Apply for at least 20 new jobs.
3) Start actually using my savings account.
4) Spend as little money as humanly possible.
5) Lose a stone by the end of the month
6) Pretend that I am not 25 this month. Let’s call it 19 + 6.


  1. That is a lot of change. Let's see how things go. At least you got the right state of mind.

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