Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big Brother 9 Launch

I used to love Big Brother, but over the last couple of years I've lost interest. Tonight I made a decision to at least watch the first show of the latest season (has it really been 9 years??? I feel so old!!). Let's see what we get.

Big Brother's Official Site
BB9 Wiki

It's nice to see Davina has decided not to be pregnant this year. As they showed the auditions I thought; there are so many people weirder than me.

This years theme is Zero Tolerance. BB has a jail, and solitary confinement this year. Interesting... Lot's of rules. Hmm... two very different bedrooms, one plush and one harsh.

16 housemates? Wow. One of them has gotta be fit...

I like the new diary room chair. Here we go...

Lisa and Mario.

A couple?? I hate the booing... why on Earth do they boo people they've never even seen before? They seem nice..


A student who doesn't drink or do drugs and wears suits? Oh dear... *WARNING*WEIRDO*WARNING*. He says his friends say he looks like Justin Timberlake????? His friends are blind.


Arrogant little self obsessed bimbo. Possibly may be referred to as a bitch by tomorrow.

Something is going on... the four housemates are off to the diary room.

Secret mission time...

The four of them must hide the fact Mario and Lisa are a couple. Mario and Stephanie must pretend to be in a relationship...if they fail to hide this fact they will face the public vote. If they win the rest of the house will face the vote.


Motormouth... short...


Kind of hot but "admits" he is arrogant. So... let's hate him. "if there's any fanny in there I'm gonna nail it". Charming. As Davina says "His mother must be very proud."


Another arrogant person, maybe my type of person doesn't apply to be on Big Brother. SHE'S A PRACTICING CHRISTIAN??? Maybe she needs to reread her Bible.


Dance student. Need we say more? I don't think so... I spoke too soon... also wears stupid hats...

He'd invite Hitler to a dinner party??? Oh God...

Oh no, I just remembered... no Dermot O'Leary this year! Why did I decide to watch this again? Without his My Future Hubbyness on BBLB what is the point?


A blind comedian. Well that's a bit more interesting. Likes wearing women's clothing. Speaks Danish. This guy is one to watch...


Born special she says... hmm... arrogant again.


Arrogant. How many more... Well his dad has a boyfriend... random fact to bring up there...


Love the afro... not. Feels like we're back in the 70s here.


I cannot understand her... but she looks fun.


An Albino British-American. Seems to have his head screwed on.


Oh woe is me... I have a baby... I can't have fun. Sorry girl, my Mum was there and never complained. She doesn't like abortions, immigrants or meateaters. She is not going to be fun. She's Catholic and says she's slightly psychic??? READ THE BIBLE.


She's THAI!!! She needs to win! Sawatdee khrap!! Oh yeah... this one is a winner... Look at those clothes! Look at the poses! Look at those shoes!!

So I think we know who I want to win...


Dale strips naked and stops talking.
Rebecca stops screaming.
Dennis turns out to be nice.
Kathreya to win.

Oh my, just found out Kathreya lives in Kent.... SHE MUST WIN! A Kentish Thai. What is better than that???


  1. I have never watched Big Brother but I am going to really try and keep us this season!

  2. Dermot "Are You Tough Enough?" O'Leary?
    See here:

  3. but..but...but I LOVE Luke, what a sweet little geek.

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