Friday, June 27, 2008

MeMeMEMEEEEEEEE... LOOK AT ME!!!! The Friday 5

Oh Dear Constant Reader, I have nothing exciting to note at the moment beyond the fact I'm slacking on my Thai (unless counting to 10 will allow me to hold a conversation). So it's time for another meme (blame James!!)

The Friday Five

1) what is one thing about you that you hate?

My social awkwardness. I would just love to be one of those people who knows what to say, when to say it and who to say it to just at the right moment. I'm not talking about being a social butterfly, but being able to gain friends quickly. At the moment it takes me weeks of work to make a friend as I awkwardly put out feelers to see if they too would not mind talking to me about rubbish.

2) what is one thing about you that you love?

My imagination. I know, that's a bit intangible. But it's been a constant companion for many years. If I'm bored or alone (like when I'm commuting) I'll be day dreaming away. And it's not sexual fantasy I'm talking about! I really will make up stories in my head... perhaps relating to people around me, perhaps not, and sometimes I'll just imagine some famous singer has walked on the train and started singing their greatest hits (very Ally McBeal-esqe I know, I think Ally McBeal and I would have a lot in common!)

3) if you had to change one thing about you what would it be and why?

It's hard to choose just one thing to change... Sure a complete lifestyle change or body makeover would be great. But one thing... hmmm... Maybe that I had a stronger will power. I am so weak when it comes to diets, shopping etc. The ability to not only say no but also not mind saying no would be welcome!

4) what is one word that you would use to define yourself?


5) imagine what you would look like in a perfect world...what do you look like?

In a perfect world... I'd be 5'8", blonde, slim, maybe a bit like Mitch Hewer with an impeccable dress sense. I would use this new found boyish beauty to sleep my way around the world. ;)

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