Monday, June 16, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

On Saturday Jim and I headed down to Lympne to see the family. We had a nice lazy day hanging around the parents house, saw Doctor Who (review later on Dreaming of Chong Nonsi) and had a family gathering around the telly to watch Big Brother.

We stayed the night in "my room" (lies, it's George's former room and no matter how often Mum refers to it as my room I will not accept it ;) )

The next day was lazy to start off with, with Jim being rather too helpful around the house. Gave Tony his father's day gift and card (a Greek phrase book to feed his continuing Crete obsession and a £10 Waterstone's voucher).

Rather late in the afternoon the family began to arrive. Uncle Nick and Auntie Martine came bring with them Rhys (the first of the birthdayers, 16 on Tuesday, and he is now getting huge as is the Kay way. Wow.), Fran, Nan (the second of the birthdayers, she turned 70 on Friday), Great Aunt Joy and Auntie Shena (a relative of my Grandad). Then Uncle Graham turned up, which was an unexpected surprise; he doesn't often grace us with his prescence.

Of course there was also Mum, Tony, Jim, Beth and George plus me (the third and final birthdayer who is 19 for the 7th time on Wednesday). Tony put the BBQ on and a very large meal was had by all, supplemented by Jim's rather delicious potato and crab meat salad thingy. Yum.

After stuffing our face with that we then had the birthday cakes, plus other desserts. My families eyes are far larger than their stomachs.

Presents were good, I was pleased to make my Nan angry with the nice voucher we got her for M&S (in my family it's seen as a mission to annoy others by giving too much).

I thought I escaped this practice but as well as my Stephen King book (Blaze), Mum also slipped £40 into my card. Sneaky. I was not amused. She has this thing about spoiling me, and I don't like it.

But a good day was had by all and for once I wasn't chomping at the bit to escape. We had some good funny family stories (such as my Grandads rather awesome last car drive through London before his death... it involved a crash, fire and a missed plane).

Good to see everyone, and I'm annoyed to now be here back at work. Grr...


  1. Well with such a nice weekend, you cannot really complain. Sounds good and you got spoiled with presents

  2. Please ask Jim to share the recipe for the potato and crab salad thingy. Thanks.

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