Saturday, November 02, 2002

Oh My Good Lord. My own blog has been banned. This is ssssooo wrong on so many levels. I was all happy (almost anyway) then I saw that and thought "Joy, Tony strikes again." On a similar note..... today marks the 10th anniversary of the first time I met Tony (at Charing fireworks). I was more interested in pestering Melly-Mels for burgers.

I went to Leeds Castle fireworks (with zoe, Little Gem, and kerazy Lauren) which rocked, loud music, and loads of groovy fireworks! yay!! I am very sorry that people were hung drawn and quartered... but hey we celebrate their deaths in style!! And Reena was there.

I love fireworks, and Melly I miss having you there with me. You were such a fireworks obsessive!! I love you Melly-Mels.

What? Why are you looking at me like that? No I was not thinking about him. Honest guv. OK so I was. So shoot me. I have been thinking about Stephen just as much (which is deeply confuzzling). Can't a boy have his cake.... and eat it?

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