Saturday, November 02, 2002

So I went out clubbing last night. I met Ben and becky (who was an hour late) in Spoons, Ben was deathly quiet as always (I am quite sure he like loaths me.

Anyway had drinks and stuff, Az and Rob turned up, and sat with us, while Smiley Laura sat on other side of Spoons trying to hide form me. How crurel.

We went and got some money out in town, and got a lift with Terri to the clubs. Got there, got bored quickly, I hate clubbing so much, became miserable bastard as becky dragged me from the Beach to Indigo and back. Did dance for a while when I got particularly drunk. Becky and Rob, after much beating round bush, got it on,, which made me and Ben physically sick. Then Rob came over to me, and asks. "Do you like Ben?" "No" I lie. "Well apparently he likes you." Now I wish people didn't say things like that. It gets my hopes up, and I am not going to think of anything else all day.

And why would Ben like me? He can't do, so Rob must have got it wrong, so why did Becky tell him that? And if ben did like me, why did he need to say that after I got back with Stephen?

Oh I hate this. Am still drunk so this post sucks, gotta go work now.

:o( All confuzzled.

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