Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Innocent Whistles

Oh twas Guy Fawkes Night last night, fireworks everywhere, and my poor ickle babies were all terrified. awwwww... bless.

I went out with Zoe and Sam (yay!) to the Leas Club, then to Wetherspoons and it was a good night in all. Although I was finding myself attracted to more men then ever before. And I took a note of my fnancial situation, and went "Blah!"

Erm.. how can I put this without sounding like a complete tosser... I am going out for a socialiable meet up with a like minded fellow. No it is not a date. Honest. I mean, I have a boyfriend and would thus never date anyone else.

*turns to cats* I think I pulled it off.... phew......

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