Thursday, November 28, 2002

There was a boy...... a very strange enchanted boy

Grrr..... that is the best way to explain how I feel today.

Firstly to answer Natalie... I cheat on Stephen, I write about it here on my very easy to find public diary, he doesn't reply to my texts, putting two and two together I got *whispers to someone clever* four!

Secondly... clothes I (impulsively) bought on Saturday still haven't arrived... :o(

I was dropped off in town today by Tony, went and got my Gay Times and aXm (where has Attitude gone?) and wandered into work. As I wandered I realised two things.

1) Walking down Cheriton Road is like walking back through time. Over there was where me and Stephen openly held hands for the first time in public, there was where I used to wait to see the Sixth Former, just down there was where I went to school, just down the road was where I used to walk and ponder my life etc.... And now I don't live anywhere near this place that holds such importance for me. This made me very sad indeed.

2) I had forgotten how much I liked being alone. I spent the 45 minutes walk to work in deep conversation with a me who hasn't seen the light of day in years. Quiet, secretive, kind and gentle Jason. Unopiniated and accepting of all. I have decided to try and be that person again. So real life people if you spot me being i) loud ii) opiniated iii) bitchy iv) drunk slap me and remind me. Oh but I will still be i to iii on here so Nuh!

:o( Grrr.... have written like fifty stories in last week..... this is a sign of deep, deep restlessness... watch this space...

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