Monday, November 04, 2002

Not Another One

Thanks everyone for your concern....

Somedays I really don't understand men. First I get back with Stephen, then there the "incident" on Friday and now another man has "come out" and said he likes me. Do you think it has anything to do with the new Calvin Klein "Crave" fragance I wear?

This one I don't know much about so shall avoid details until I know more.... all I know other than his first name and his age is that he is really clever. This is a big turn on for me! (Opposites attract, isn't that what they say? :op) This is very annoying! Where were these two when I was single, hmm? Grr...

I went down to Gees last night with Zoe after Sam gave us the old "have other plans" excuse. We were both really, really bored. Minor highlight was me putting on my usual collection of superb tunes..... *cough*... and listening to the groans, sighs and general "what the fuck is this?" sounds coming from the other people in the bar.... muhahaha!

Going permanent has been postponed till January... this will probably mean I will thus have to leave my job as can't really afford the travel costs. :o( Well the family have won yet again.

My blog is still banned on my other account along with most of your blogs now. Oh happy stuff huh? Sorry if I don't comment or anything... will try to use this account but will probably be told off soon!

I may have to like sell myself just to earn enough money to move out as soon as poss..... hmmm.... *starts spraying on plentitudes of Crave..*

And You Still, After All My Evidence, Think Things Are Getting Better?

YSL Ad... Don't click if you are prudish/at work So the fuss over this latest advert has really got to me. Here we have an erotic, tasteful image being used to sell a product, that let's face it, ain't really evil. And mags refuse to carry it..... grrr...... Yet they carry pics of naked women in the biggest selling newspaper in Britain. What gives?

Is the male penis so deeply ugly that it can't be shown. I think it is wonderful and not something to hide.

See articles here and here.

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