Wednesday, November 20, 2002

*sobs* I Miss This :o(

My hits are down, my links are out of date, and my blog is dying. :o( I wasn't feeling too bad about not having internet till I realised my blog is all lonely and unloved. :o(

Firstly Adam please do not suggest we have ignored you!! If you feel this I am sorry. But we always invited you out!! And you never replied!! And *ahem* who is always saying how crap Folkestone is?

OK Wednesday night I... well.... you know...... *wink wink nudge nudge*

Thursday... work was sssooo boring!! Then went out to Leas Club with the gorgeous Becky, who was very upset about the whole Ben thing. Then Robin and Arron joined us. Which was very amusing!! Saw some firemen striking... lazy slobs.....

Friday..... went out to 'Spoons.... was very depressed.... saw Sam, John, Chris, Claire, Zoe and Little Gem.

Saturday..... was bored so got Sam to come over and see me. We went and saved Chris from deep boredom too and headed for McDonalds, Spoons and Gees. Sam departed, me and Chris wandered aimlessly, found our way to Claire's house, went in while they were out, ate their food, watched Beaches..... Claire's mum seemed pleased/shocked to see me there when she returned!! Zoe came and got me and Chris we went to Leas Club where we meet Annie, Ellie and Lauren (triple yay!) and Claire was also there..... was still depressed....

Sunday... nada.... saw brilliant documentary on Spartans... bring back compulsory homosexuality.....

Monday... nada....

Tuesday...... nada...... my blog is gone..... now my life has too!!

Wednesday.... on broadband at Ian's!! Yay!! Miss you all.... leave me a message.... tell your friends to visit..... my hit counter looks anemic.... sell my site!!!!

Love Jae x x

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