Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Do You Want The Good News or The Bad News?

This morning was spent loitering menancingly outside me old house searching for me baby. Didn't find her, went to work, spent day in daze..... Sandrine my supervisor basically told me all the temps will be sacked in a few weeks at the most, but she was doing her best to get me a reprieve (ps this is top secret hush hush the other temps don't know they are about to be fired). So that's the bad news.

Good news. Mum picks me up. "Any sign of me ickle one?" says I (am master of English language). "Oh no". Sad face all the way home. Get home. Who should the twins be violently beating? MY ICKLE BABY!!! Angel is home!! yay!!

I will get back into blog reading tomorrow so expect plenty of comments from me!! And shall go back to OutInTheUK soon.

PS between the hours of 3pm and 7pm GMT on Saturday listen to www.meancountry.com and hear the wonderful, magnificent radio personality that is.... SAM!! Yay!!

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