Sunday, November 03, 2002

Today is the last day of silly blog posts with spelling errors, bad grammar and hasty remarks. I started this blog in the hope of improving my writing skills, as my paper journal was becoming a total illiterate jumble.

From now on I shall think before I post. I shall pay attention to how I express myself. I have the freedom of expression, so I may as well use it properly.

No it doesn't mean I will become one of those blogs where either they don't actually tell you anything as they beat around the bush with long words, and phrases. Nor does it mean I shall become one of those blogs which say they are being open, yet become rather closed over details of their emotions and other peoples lives.

This is meant to be a truthful journal of my thoughts, feelings and interests. I shan't edit out truths. Just tell you about them with more description and less fluffy statements.

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