Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Grrrr..... someness......

OK. I am NOT a happy bunny. Not one bit. Disturbed by lack of removal blokes (was hoping for some nice arms or something) I contacted mum to ask her what was going on. "Oops.... forgot to tell you, we're not moving till next week now." Just another way I feel like such a stranger in this house. No one tells me anything.

So I am around for another week... thanks everyone for saying goodbye, (shall need you to repeat that next week) and thanks greg for the post and email.

So went out last night with Elliot, Pete and Zoe. We went to the Leas Club and McDonalds. Oh my god McDonalds chips are horrible now.

I wanna go off and cry somewhere now. Relief mixed with annoyance.

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