Monday, November 11, 2002

Going Where My Heart Will Take Me

Pete phoned me yesterday. And told me he was in Folkestone. Yay!! Promptly Pete and Sam arrived and after surfing the music channels, we headed for 'Spoons where we all ate Burgers, and me and pete downed our pints, at about half one in the afternoon. We then decided to head for Safeway's as Sam needed some shopping, Pete wanted to see Zoe, and I was holding out hope that MT would be there. We returned to Sam's car to find he had a £30 quid parking ticket... tut!!

He wasn't. But we saw Zoe, and then headed off for gee's where I got a pint of Stella for £2.20. Woo!!! After a while Sam disapeared and was replaced by Zoe, and the three of us headed off for Chinese (I think we ate a lot!!). Mmmmm....... we ate chinese round Pete's house while he had Chilli Con Carne on pasta, with cheese (!!!). Pete's little sister was funny, refusing all offers of help with her homework, and I fiendishly swapped my evil phone cover for a nice normal one. She then got out a pic of school, with of course, a pic of MT. I was happy.

We headed for cinema, via Safeway's garage for sweets, where I saw Debbie buying an Observer (her secret shame) but she didn't see me.

At the cinema we bought tickets for Mr. Deeds and sat down to wait for them to let us in, while I made meaningful (non-sexual!) eye contact witht the gay couple across the way from us.

This is where my happy story ends. Ben arrived. Now I was under the impression he was in a different county. Hmmm.... didn't speak to him, but I was just starting to forget my feelings for him, and now they are back, and they hurt. Oh so much.... I have two men yet am still totally lonely, and unhappy.

The film was good tho. "I think you underestimate my sneakiness".

Last night I dreamt about a strange life, a life I will never have and that made me sad too.

I am moving tomorrow, and although I love Folkestone dearly, once I move to Lympne, I think I may go a wandering. I want to get far away from here, and start a new, and meet new people, and stuff.

Ian phones me every day between 10pm and 11pm...... its sweet in a strange, I can't sleep way.

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