Friday, November 01, 2002

hmmm.... I am a member of OutInTheUK. I had many chat buddies who I would normally laugh and joke with. But since I told 'em I got back with me boyfriend, they have gone off and said "That's real nice. Bye". Now I ask you, this is exactly why I don't get on with many gay guys. Sex is very important. But friendship is good too. Why can't they go after sex, yet settle for friendship if the other party ain't interested? Shallow bastards.

Oh I snuck off with Reena at lunch (in her fabtastic car, if she was a man I would so want her!) to the Terminal to the perfume shop to buy stuff in the staff sale. The entire call centre had the same idea. So after a bit of a scramble with my "collegues" (was every woman and gay man to themselves) I came away with: for me Calvin Klein Crave, which is ssssooo gorgeous, and for Ben Hugo Boss (tis his leaving gift). Got 30% discount. Muhahaha!

While there I went to Pete's WHSmith's. I bought axm. At the till this girl looked at me. She went into "tall daze". This is where someone is so brainless that my height overpowers their senses and renders them catatonic. She stood there unable to move or talk for a good 15 seconds, had to put my mag through 5 times before she got it right, each time stealing glances at me, then couldn't count out change, and then had the cheek to say... "Cor, you put me off you did." ME?! She is the insanely stupid girl. Not me!

Hmm.... me had no lunch.... me hungry man rarg.....

OK so what happened on Guy Fawkes night then... hmmm? (Well done to Matthew for getting the name... I do believe he possibly went to one of those "What happened on this day?" places... if you didn't why do you know all that about November the 5th?). Spirited guesses from Elliot and John. John have got a free condom with me Crave... as its give John presents day I think I shall give that to you! Yay!!

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