Monday, November 11, 2002

See You Soon?

Dear Constant Reader,

I move house tomorrow. I don't know if I will have web connection there. Erm...... god what would I do without my blog?

So some last up to the minute info for you.....

1) Ben was texted by Becky, "How is life outside Kent going?" "It's great" he text back. Why is he lying to us? I feel for him. Maybe he hates us so much he would tell us such a lie to get rid of us. Or he is messed up and needs a hug.

2) Ah!! My ever changing feelings lead me to say this..... I love Stephen. Somehow, I know that this is, and always has been, meant to be.

3) Am contemplating breaking Ian's heart and telling him that really I can't see him anymore.

4) I really don't want to move. Please God don't let it be as bad as I think it is going to be.

5) I dread each day that I spend with my "family".... I don't know if my friends know how good for me it is when we go out to the pubs and stuff. Thank you.

6) I have begun doing constructive stuff to get me out of here... have begun looking for jobs out side of Kent, and checking out accomadtion prices etc. I am contemplating quitting ET just to motivate me further..... Just my bloody debts standing between me and freedom...

I hope this is "See You Tomorrow" and not "Goodbye". You never know I may get "home" tomorrow and find the computer set up with broadband or something *faintly hopes*

Love Jae x x

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