Friday, November 08, 2002

Happy Jae

Dear Diary,

Last night, after a day of telling myself off, I wandered into town to see Laura (Lu, back from uni for a day, yay!!). I saw Stacey on the way, who jumped up and down, causing her boyfriend to hide, as she said something along the lines of "Debenhams, Bonanza, Open Till 10". I could barely make her out as she was obviously very excited.

Moving on I got to the Leas Club, meet Laura (yay... again!), Sam arrived (yay!) and it was generally a good night. Me have missed Lu, and Sam.

Ben left town this morning.

Work was ok. I spent day happy. Don't know why.

Hmmmm...... ok seems "The Group" has organised a Secret Santa and yes I am involved. But it would seem they forgot to ask Laura. Me NO HAPPY about this. Hmmm.... I suspect Group Politics at work, and it ain't fair. So I don't know whether to tell them where to shove their obviously cruel Secret Santa. Last year I wasn't even told..... at least this year I was. :o( Huh.... one year I wish people got on. Laura, shall buy you big gift to make up for it. How does Tom Welling* sound?

Note for future: No more sex.

*Please Note Promise Non Refundable, Non Transferable, and Non Applicable.

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