Wednesday, November 13, 2002

False Hopes, and New Hope

Oh dear lord...... my parents have helpfully disconnected our internet line at home. So yes this may be my last post for a while... honest.... I am currently posting from Ian's broadband connection which rocks so, so much. Yay for broadband!!

OK so while I am away I shall get my life together. I promise. I can tell you that unfortunately more temps have been laid off, and in ever decreasing circles the temp plague approaches.

Fireman's strike just started. Blah!! Now remember people don't be foolish and start a fire just to get some cute, young soldiers to come rescue you.... this means you Lu!! :o) Mmmmm fireman and soldiers...... would make a rather good movie (probably not the kind to show you kids but oh well).

Hmm..... may try and convert some innocent straight guys while I am off.... after all the right wing press say there is some kind of gay mafia running the country. I wanna get me some part of that. Just call me Fa' Tony from now. I love sucking on big long things...... (cigars)......

See you soon!!

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