Monday, November 25, 2002

I Want My Ickle Baby

Angel is missing. She never came home after breakfast this morning, and now home isn't home anymore. Arg!! Don't worry while my baby is out in the cold and dark I shall not give up looking for her. It makes me really sad that she isn't here tonight. Hopefully I will have better news in the morrow.

So..... Saturday: I went out the Leas Club with Zoe. Was DISGUSTED to note sexy bouncer was not there for the third week in a row. Did see Ellie tho (yay!) and also there is a new glass collector who is sssooo fine. Mmmm....

Sunday: I went out with Zoe, Little Gem and her boyfriend Simon to Spoons, as Little Gem was 19 yesterday!!

Today: skipped work in effort to find, capture and move my cats. Well 2 out of 3 is at least a start.

Reasons to like new house:

1) Double Bed
2) It's huge!!
3) I share a bathroom only with George.
4) Fridge is BIG!
5) There's an office.
6) There are 4 toilets as opposed to one (broken)

Reasons to hate new house:

1) Where is my baby?
2) It's too big. I have already got lost.
3) I share a bathroom with George (aka James Bond) who is deeply annoying.
4) It is so far from anywhere (especially civilisation)
5) There are four bathrooms.... how will I choose?
6) It's all a bit fancy really.
7) I have counted seven Daily Mail reader types in the local area so far.
8) There are too many boring, posh, heterosexual people here.
9) This house has no character and looks exactly like every other one on this closed off estate.
10) Lympne..... how can any sane person pronounce that as Limb?

Oh by the way.... I am horribly depressed, but now have regular internet access so can bore you all silly with me problems (yay!!)

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