Sunday, June 18, 2006

Birthdays - Past

It's my third 21st birthday today! And given the fact it's a celebration all about me let's look at some memorable birthdays of old...

My 6th birthday. It's the first birthday I remember, living in Snodland with my Mum, shitface and a million animals. Pictures of said event must be destroyed if found as I look like the campest boy (blonde, slim and limpest wrists ever) in the world!

My 7th birthday. I invited everyone I knew. I also decided that it was my birthday and I could make other people cry if I wanted to. And did... our neighbour Amy was the victim of my over excited use of party poppers (in the days when I didn't know about the real poppers!). Dressed in startingly red and green striped t shirt/shorts combo. Pictures of this have all been destroyed for the good of all.

My 10th birthday was held in a monastery. Ok.. so it was where I lived... converted into flats you see! Sellindge... wonders will never cease...

My 13th birthday was held in a mansion called Belmont... much to my delight there was a secret bookcase/door which lead to a spooky deserted part of the house. It was my home for the summer. As I wandered down the stairs that morning I was telling Mum that I would be happy with any present but a television... I think, based on my ability to put my foot in it a lot, you can guess what she'd bought me that year. Whoops. Spent much of the day in my room sulking, cept I do remember a bizarre incident involving a game of golf and an exploding golf ball (twas Fathers Day as well you see...)

My 15th Birthday. I was doing work experience at SAGA and I'd had a lovely day. The guys there had all bought me cards and chocolates which was very thoughtful considering I was only there two weeks! I wandered home and ended up walking behind the Sixth Former for 15 minutes. He was my unnamed crush from the Harvey Grammar and it was the last time I'd ever see him. Sweet.

My 16th birthday. I remember Elliot spent much of it looking at porn on my Mac, while John and Matt played on Matt's laptop. Then everyone looked at porn. Straight porn of course. Not one of my more exciting birthdays.

My 18th! I remember it was in Gees and I remember a table covered in pints of beer all for me (14 pints)... my memory starts to fade after that point...

After that... the posts speak for themselves.

2002 - my first birthday on this blog. 19 years old, working at Eurotunnel, going out with Ste and dreaming about Ben.

2003 - 20 years old. Working at Three Valleys Water, going out with Gareth and dreaming about nothing in particular... life was bliss

2004 - 21. Working at Three Valleys still but far more confident, single and dreaming of escaping to some point unknown

2005 - my second 21st birthday. Just started at EO, now living with Jim in Greenwich and life is the best.

Things that strike me about these posts... I tend to celebrate my birthday on the 17th for some reason and a trip to the cinema seems to occur within days.

Things That Happened

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  1. Happy Birthday Jae! Hope you had a good one :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Great Blog, chortled just a little!

  3. Happy birthday :D:D
    Hope you had a great day and weekend :)

    When you've reached my age you don't remember what you did on your past birthdays anymore...which can be a blessing too :D

    Anyways...thanks for dropping by at my blog today :)

  4. haha I don't remember anything about your 16th, I do remember your 18th tho and that table full of pints that you not only managed to get thru but get thru in a very short period of time!!! Happy b'day mister Jason, I'm pleased that I remembered the right day, I've only been a decade to remember it :P

  5. it's not i've. am a bit tipsy from pubageeeeeeee

  6. pubbage not pubage, that's something quite different i'm sure

  7. Happy birthday, Jae! When you FINALLY come to Canada, I'll buy you a drink to celebrate--your birthday or your finally coming to Canada, I'm not sure yet. ;)

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