Sunday, September 30, 2007

Revenge Of the Slitheen: The Sarah Jane Adventures 1.1


Sorry for taking a week to post this. I kept meaning to watch it but kept forgetting to!

Now this is a CBBC show so I put my 10 year old hat on (rather than my usual 14 year old hat... I'm still saving up for my 24 year old one...) to remember what the shows I used to watch were like... Round the Twist, Grange Hill etc. And I have to say that this show certainly stands up to the very best of all those shows from my youth.

The story involves a final attempt of revenge against the Earth by the Slitheen family last seen in Doctor Who series one. Some of the effects were a bit off (a dodgy hand at the very beginning being the worst effect seen in DW media since the classic series) and some of the acting left something to be desired but overall the first two episodes (SJA stories are all two parters) were pretty good.

I loved the fact that Luke refers to Sarah Jane as mum. I loved the never give up attitude of Sarah Jane. And I loved Joseph Millson who returns as the top totty for the show. Yum.

Overall I was rather pleased with the opening gambit for this new show and even if it is aimed a couple year belows my mental age (only a couple though!) I'll tune in again.

Cameron Faces Tough Conference

After two terrible polls (here and here), David Cameron really needs to step up his game before the impatient Tories stab him in the back just like they did to Iain Duncan Smith.

The Tories might big up recent victories in local elections, but these were too small scale, and far too local, to really extrapolate any future general election results from.

And the Tories still have problems being "on message". Whilst David Cameron has called for a snap election, his leiutenants are saying Gordon Brown would be taking a foolish risk with possible electoral fraud if he called an early election. As Gordon Brown has not called a snap election (yet) does this not mean that David Cameron (and I admit Sir Ming) is the one pushing for a flawed election?

As the first policy proposals begin to seep out pre conference we can see the same old Tory policies coming up... two parents good, one parent bad (over their benefits policy, or as I like to call it "Social Engineering").

And rather than tackle the underlying problems of the housing market (too few homes, too many people, population drift from north to south, greed etc. etc.) they propose getting rid of the stamp duty for first time buyers. Yeah... that'll help. NOT. Here David Cameron is going on about his environmental credentials, yet he ignores the greatest risk to our environment in the south east... vast swathes of new homes.

The Tories are all talk and no action... let's not rock the boat by proposing real solutions to overcrowding in the south east and the environmental disaster it is creating. Instead let's tax some uncontroversial things (flights) and let the rape of our countryside continue.

Same old Tories. I never, ever, thought I'd actually say this but... William Hague is the best Tory leader since Margaret Thatcher. They were foolish to let him go.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Backwards Step

For several reasons I've decided to stop writing on Walk This World With Me for the time being. Having a theme just doesn't seem to work for me and I'd rather have all my posts, eclectic as they can be, here on one blog.

Also with a malicious person on the loose on my blogs searching for ways to hurt Jim, and thus me, through what I say I've decided to circle the wagons and go to the mattresses.

And now I settle down to a quiet weekend, secure in knowledge of having money in my bank even if I really shouldn't spend it. Must get a haircut today (or tomorrow).

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Oracle

One of my many nicknames at work is "The Oracle". Yesterday kind of brought home to me the way some people there see me.

I got the nickname because, supposedly, I know everything there is to know in terms of my department at work. I am the go to person for knowledge. I've always been that person, my mum will happily tell you that I used to be able to tell you the difference between different missiles during the Gulf War. I'm the quiet one who used to absorb every bit of family gossip that I heard... which people would freely share even if I was nearby because "Oh it's just Jason, he won't tell anyone." I've never felt the same about some family members since. And everyone knows that I can compile information on someone in seconds (a stalker? Me??? Never...)

At Eurotunnel, even as a temp, people used to ask me how to do things. At TVW I became a floorwalker whose job it was just to answer other peoples questions. So it is pretty much my natural position in a company... the human wiki.

But it isn't just work related things people come to me about. I noticed a long time ago (and used to mention it, mournfully, here on my blog) people love to tell me their secrets. I know so many secrets that no one else seems to know. I often forget them and then someone else will say "Oh my God did you know....?" and I'll have known that secret for years... he he...

But now that's evolved... now people ask me for advice. Sarina will phone me with "hypothetical" situations such as "If I was at Stansted and had just missed my flight, what would I do?" (Hypothetical, my arse!). I'm the one who gets called to visit the hospital. I'm the one who gets asked what time the train to this place or that place is.

What is it about me that people seem to feel requires them to trust me, my knowledge and my ability to keep a secret (friends will know this ability is severely limited). I find it very weird.

Ooo... Stacey Lady just added me as a friend on Facebook... I haven't seen her in ageeeeeeees.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Today has not been a very good day. Around about 9 a.m. I started to wonder where the newest member of our team had got to. She's normally in before 8 a.m. But there were problems on the Tube so I didn't worry too much and let it slip from my mind.

Ten minutes later she calls. "I'm in a hospital and I don't know what has happened to me" she says rather less lucidly than I liked. I heard her doctor tell her to say she wasn't coming to work and then she hung up.

I texted her (forgetting the no mobile rule in hospitals) saying she should call me if she needed anything. Half an hour later I got a call from a doctor who still wouldn't tell me what had happened to her but asked me to come in to see her.

She was at the Central Middlesex Hospital, so I got permission to leave work from my boss, after borrowing money off him for the journey (poverty... not great...). I had to get to Harlesden, which seemed to take an age, and spent the time worrying about what state she'd be in when I got there.

I found the hospital easily but finding her was more difficult. No one seemed to know where the department I needed was (I spoke to 5 different members of staff who were either not very knowledgeable but pleasant or extremely rude and tried to ignore me [one even turned her back on me, purposely, before I even got to ask her... bitch, she gave me a look like "Fuck you" while she did it to.]). I finally wandered, unhindered, through the wards until I found her.

She had been attacked. Someone had punched her in the face outside her house last night knocking her unconscious. They didn't do anything else other than punching. No theft. No assault. Just a random act of violence. She'd woken up in the hospital scared and confused. Being French Canadian she hasn't got too many contacts over here so I, as her trainer, was the first person she mentioned to the doctors to call.

Bless her, I stayed with her for a few hours talking to her, which was easy as her short term memory is so bad that we managed to have the same conversation 5 or 6 times (think Dory from Finding Nemo). I hope she is alright, I've told her to call me if she needs anything (except money or a place to stay... those are beyond my powers).

See... this is why I really hate human beings. Nasty creatures the lot of them. Why would you just punch a stranger for no reason, hard enough to knock them unconscious? Unless of course it was that nurse who gave me that look. Now violence against her I could easily understand.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charles Dera Is My Man Of The Blog

Charles Dera is a very sexy man. His pecs are amazing and his cock... well it's good. Very good. And he reminds me of one of my current (alas straight) crushs in real life... yes I work with a guy who very closely resembles Mr Dera! Jealous yet? ;)

Runner up Brent Corrigan is in Another Gay Sequel! YAY!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who Doesn't Love Marilyn Manson?

3 more days until the weekend. 2 more days until I finally can get some money out of my bank... although my efforts not to spend money have been fairly successful for once. Usually I spend the money even after telling myself not to. Wonderful.

Charles Dera looks to be winning the current poll. You, Dear Constant Reader, are obviously a person of taste and sophistication.

Work is okay at the moment even if we are 4 people down (one person has left, another 3 are on holiday) but as I've got myself a new trainee the huge pile of work has passed me by. And I've got another new person starting on Thursday. Woo... sadly had to turn down another excellent candidate today. These decisions are tough!

Jesus Christ... it's still 9 days until the new season of Supernatural begins. :( I need my Jensen Ackles fix nooooow....

Monday, September 24, 2007

You've Forgotten How It Started

I gotta get out of here. And I'm saying that in a positive way. I dread coming to work every morning; that's not because of the job I do but because I dislike the whole idea of a 9 - 5 lifestyle. I realise that now, it's taken me 5 years of being absolutely unhappy, no matter how often I'm promoted or given a pay rise, to realise this.

Now I'm not being rash, nor stupid. I don't intend to resign or throw a hissy fit. But I must search for a way to end this drudgery. Life is too short to spend it serving the wants of others. We only get a moment on this planet and I don't intend to spend that whole moment living like everyone else, in a form of slavery.

I do have some ideas, and I intend to follow through on them.

Hey, vote in my poll to the right.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Visit To Lympne

Whilst drunk on Wednesday Jim contacted my mother and arranged to visit her this weekend. I love my Mum... however I also enjoy quiet weekends. Last weekend we had Hannah and Becka so I was expecting a relaxing weekend this week.

Alas it was not to be and yesterday morning Jim and I drove down to Lympne, stopping off at Ashford Tescos to buy Mum and Nan some flowers. That was Jim's idea before you all tell me what a good son and grandson I am. I have absolutely no money (none whatsoever) so I am in no position to make grand gestures like that.

We arrived at the house and had some cups of tea with my Nan and my siblings while we awaited my Mum and Tony, who had been in London to see Spamalot the night before. My sister has become a very unsavoury 11 year old and I really hope she grows out of her current petulant and spoilt phase.

Mum and Tony arrived and Tony, Jim, George and I headed out to Canterbury... Tony needed to get some new part of George and Beths school uniform, Jim and I needed food and George needed to convince someone to buy him some new computer games. Whilst I got some fish and chips from the well known best fish and chip shop in east Kent, George convinced Jim to part with cash in exchange for George getting two new xbox games. Cheeky boy!

On the way back to Lympne we stopped off for a couple of beers at the Black Horse in Monks Horton (brings back many childhood memories!) and sat outside watching the sheep and taking in the peace and tranquility of the countryside. I do miss that so much, London and city life are great for a little while but London is rubbish for long term living.

Saw off my Nan, and was convinced by Jim to stay the night (against my better judgement) around the families house. Played with Noodles the dog, Angel the cat and watched X Factor.

Feeling a little ill from myu recent bout of manflu I headed to bed early and slept fitfully (for some reason my, almost invisible, cousin Elliot was over so he had the spare room so Jim and I had my sisters bed) as the bed was too soft.

This morning Mum made a gorgeous fry up breakfast before I tried to watch Nat Geo Wild... sadly with all the other competing interests in my house it wasn't to be, but I did successfully argue against High School Musical, even if Zac Efron is in it.

We headed home, with Jims head full of moving house ideas. :( Just when I was really started to feel comfortable...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Poured Lines

Wednesday I had to turn someone down after an interview. Nothing wrong with her, just we needed someone who could be here for a longer period of time. This was sad. I felt so mean. :(

After work I headed straight to the local to meet Jim. We had a meal there and proceeded to drink... and drink... and drink. I randomly met someone who works in the building opposite the building I work in (and whose business has quite an effect on the daily life of Vauxhall). We had a long discussion with him.

Near the end of the night some girl started mouthing off in the pub and was promptly made to leave. Sadly she thought pubs are all about swearing and drinking (her words)when actually I think they are more about the drinking and whatever else you do while you're there is just a bonus. Idiot.

Despite having eaten earlier in the evening at about 11pm Jim and I got the urge to have a kebab, and headed to the nearest kebab shop. Now this is not the usual one I go to and we quickly remembered why. We asked for two doner kebabs... and then waited... and waited. Whilst we waited we watched them slowly cook some disgusting looking meat. Jim, puffed up with lots of alcohol, walked out and we headed to the kebab shop we are used to... where we got our kebab in seconds and it was gorgeous.

Thursday... I woke up and felt pain. Immense pain. And I had a very nasty taste in my mouth. Alcohol tastes so good the night before...

So I dragged my sorry arse into work, inducted a new girl and then dragged my sorry arse home at the end of the day and went to bed... where I watched the new US series of Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares (ok, if a little too American for my liking...) and then a brilliant mid season close for Monk.

It even featured a scene that was totally reminiscent to an incident that happened to me and Jim while in San Francisco... I'll try and post a video soon.


Listening to Doctor Who Onlines podcast (yes, I'm sad. Get used to it!) and homosexuality was just described by Paul Cornell as a victimless "crime". CRIME? Grr... Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a closet heterophobe... It distresses me that straight people still think that homosexuality is something a little bad, even if they believe in gay marriage and all the rest of the liberal agenda. I just wish they'd keep they mouths shut on a subject they are barely qualified to discuss...

Homosexuality is good. It's great. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It is not an "alternative lifestyle". It's not against the word of God. It's not a victimless (or otherwise) crime. Heterosexuality is not superior to homosexuality.

Marriage is a human creation. The lifestyles humans have lead for the last 4000 years are human creations. Humans are not meant to get married. They are not meant to live together in peace. They are not meant to live in a civilisation. They are not meant to live in large groups. These are all human creations. Are they wrong? Nope... because right and wrong are human creations too. So straight people need to stop belittling the way I live because the way they live is such a bloody farce it's unreal. We all live such fake lives I don't think any of us can judge another group.


**LATER - 23/09/2007** Paul Cornell has clarified his position on his blog.

And as an further update on homophobia and me, on Friday I was stuck walking behind some bastards who were chatting about "fucking queers" (loud enough for me to hear even though I was busy listening to music on my iPod) which didn't improve my mood regarding heterosexuals in general. Didn't improve their mood either when the three men wearing suits were stopped by a giant homosexual and given a stern, but undoubtedly fair, telling off. As is my way with homophobes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Men Of My Blog

Over the years you may have noticed certain guys who crop up again, and again, on my blog. I thought it was time to pay them a tribute. So in no particular order...

Phil Olivier

This guy is just plain sex on legs. His perfect body, his ruggedly handsome face and the tolerant attitude that comes through in his interviews makes me go... yum!

Charles Dera

"Who?" I hear you shout. I don't mention him very often, but I have a very secret crush on one Charles Dera... His body is divine and his smile suggests naughty, naughty things. So he does straight porn... nobodies perfect!

Tom Welling

I've always had a thing for Mr Welling. He was one of the first pictured people here on this blog. I love his hair. His hair is my "type".

Brent Corrigan

You know I think Mr Corrigan is bloody cute. And I love his blog. He is the only gay man on the list. Yay!

Randy Orton

One day on WWE some guys goes "Why don't you type Randy Orton is gay into Google and see what comes up?" to try to embarass this fellow. And lo and behold... my traffic hits went through the bloody roof!


I just saw my bank balance... I wish I hadn't looked at that. I really wish I hadn't looked at that. Jesus. I've actually been good this month but last month I was very bad... to the tune of £400 OVER my overdraft limit (that's what holidays and weddings do to ya!).

It's funny... my wages have doubled in two years. My expenses have gone up by about 25% in 2 years. So the only reason I can be in this state is because I've been extremely bad.

MUST BE GOOD! I have budgeted myself the meagre sum of £7 a day until payday (next Friday!). Wish me luck...

P.S. Check out Blog Rush... a new traffic generator for blogs.

And I've updated my Flickr page with my France pictures!!!


Things that have made me happy.

1) Last night Jim cooked a most excellent dinner! We had sausage and mash, with a little twist in that the sausages were venison and they were covered in a gorgeous red onion sauce. Mmm... He followed this up with home made apple crumble and custard (he insisted on calling it creme anglais but I've always hated that name). It was all very yummy and guite satisfying. Gotta love the Jim.

2) This morning I awoke from a very pleasant dream involving Brent Corrigan.

3) Got to work and one of my guys, Tim, came up to me and gave me a big pack of Austrian Cacao Wafers... because he wanted me "to smile more today". Aww...

4) My crossiant breakfast was delicious.

5) It's quite chilly today. I love chilly but clear days just like this... mmm...

6) I've finally got off my lazy arse, recharged my iPod and started walking down the Embankment to work again... and loving it... I'd missed Bad Weeds, Feast of Fools and Filthy Philfi. Great podcasts...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Leave Queers Alone (Or Else!)

Now we've all had a great big laugh over the "Leave Britney Alone" video. It was funny, if not slightly disturbing. However has anyone spent any time reading the comments on that video?

They are full of the most disturbing homophobic rubbish. Faggot this, queer that, you suck dick, is this a boy or a girl? etc. etc. I know, that is fairly standard for youtube, sadly this world is full of potty mouthed idiots without a brain. But God it makes me mad. These little bastards sit safely behind their computers screens and happily pour on the abuse, but out in public they are as nice as pie.

These little wimps are in desperate need of a straight bashing. Here's Chris Crockers attack on Fox News. Don't even get me started on them! Bill O'Reilly *shudder*

So did you hear the news? The ever gorgeous Brent Corrigan has auditioned to be in Another Gay Sequel. Oh how good would that be??? Brent Corrigan comes to the mainstream... gay mainstream anyway...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Pictures!

I've forgotten where I got the pics below from so sorry! However... I have uploaded some new photos to my Flickr page and even more to follow...

And finally... Seth Green backs up Chris Crocker.. NOT!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Woburn Safari Park

Jim, Becka, Hannah and I have just been to Woburn Safari Park. It was great. Ok, it was great if I forget the journey there with all the bloody traffic!

There were:

Rhino, Eland, Scimitar Horned Oryx (Antelope), Lechwe (Antelope), Gemsbok (Antelope), Giraffe, Ankole, Zebra, Elephant, Camel, Bison, Bongo (Antelope), Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Black Bear, Congo Buffalo, Colobus and Patas Monkeys and Barbary Apes.

And yes. I took pictures. I'll try and upload those, and more from the last couple of months, tomorrow.

We also took in the bird house, a bird show, lemurs, penguins, free range marmosets and loads of other stuff. Jim, Becka and Hannah had a Swan Boat ride and the girls went to a fun park and on a huge slide called the Bobcat Run.

Had a few drinks at the Local and now waiting for dinner.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The 1500th Post: Randon Is As Random Does

Firstly let me share the following video with anyone who hasn't see it...

Now that you've stopped the laughing, Dear Constant Reader, let us begin.

I was off work on Wednesday and Thursday with a severe case of what everyone has been calling manflu. Anyway... so on Wednesday I went to the kitchen to finish the washing up, and meet with an unfortunate, and quite random, accident.

You know when pasta dries on to a saucepan? Well there I was using the rough side of the sponge to work a piece off when suddenly I felt a severe pain in my finger. I grabbed it out of the water thinking I must have accidentally cut it on a knife, only to find a centimetre long piece of hard pasta set deeply between my nail and the tip of my finger. I got most of it out, and to be honest I thought I'd got it all out, but the whole of Wednesday night my finger throbbed and throbbed.

Thursday morning, having had no sleep, I gave my fingernail a good inspection. I pushed down on it and... it popped... and out came one last piece of pasta. Oh, it was a very weird couple of days! Now there is a very visible hole under my nail but at least it doesn't hurt anymore!

Then, there I was sitting at home innocently at about 6pm last night when I got a phone call...

"Hi Jae, It's your Mum"

"Hi, what's up?"

"We're outside your flat"

"WHAT???" At this moment Jim jumped up from his chair giving me the evil eye.

"Caz (a neighbour of hers) and I are just parking up outside... Can we come up?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO..." I quickly rushed to the bathroom, brushing my hair and making sure I didn't look too ill "We'll go down the pub".

So that was how I found myself down the local with two 40 year old women dressed in purple who were off to see Prince. They only stayed at hour before heading off to the Dome to see him so it actually worked out very nice (and she did bring me some chocolate...). I've just received a text saying "Elton John held hands with us last night" (my Mum is a celebrity whore) so I'm assuming they found their car and got back to Lympne okay. Oh look... here's a BBC News Story about last night.

And finally. I won over £100 on roulette last night. Online roulette. I logged on to an old Betfair account and found £7 just waiting there for me so, as this money wasn't part of my budget and had been sitting there for months, I decided to gamble a little. Very sensibly I've transferred £20 to bank account already so I can't gamble it all away (thus I'm up on my initial outlay!) so no downsides to this one! Wooo... might go see Bill Bailey next weekend now...

Just got to work and been told my snotty self has to do a presentation tonight. :(

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Jason Has Been Reading Of Late

Meg: Primal Waters - Steve Alten

The War Of The World - Niall Ferguson

Next - Michael Crichton

Shark! - Peter Benchley

The Man In The High Castle - Philip K. Dick

I saw Pleasantville last night for the first time in a while. I do love that movie.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just For Fun

Jim and I watched Star Trek III and IV two nights ago, which was very nice as I've missed Star Trek. And then I saw the following quiz and thought it would be perfect...

A lover of Shakespeare and other
fine literature. You have a decisive mind
and a firm hand in dealing with others.

Your results:
You are Jean-Luc PicardJean-Luc Picard




Click here to take the "Which Star Trek character are you?" quiz...

Jean-Luc! Wowser... pretty impressive, although I'm quite sad I missed out on getting Uhuru, she's one of my real favourite characters. Which one are you?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jason Angry! Jason CRUSH!

My cold is still here. When it came time to leave for work this morning I spent a good 3 minutes convincing myself I wasn't going to go in before I headed out to the train station.

I get to the train station and get in the queue for train tickets. Normally I go to the machine but I didn't have much time and I'd only got a note so ticket booth it was. I'd seen the two guys in front of me yesterday and had spotted them as being highly common teenagers... spotty, stupid and irksome. One gets to the booth and gets his ticket while the other waits behind him, he looks round and sees how tall I am... and laughs.

Now he was at least a foot smaller than me and about half my weight, and at least 4 years younger than me. I stood up to my full height (I slouch... so sue me!) and he stopped laughing and looked away quite quickly. But he had made me SO angry. I stood there and had to stop myself from saying something or doing something I might regret. I had to actually clutch my coiled fists at my side, which is not a level of anger I'm used to experiencing.

I felt as though I wanted him dead. And I don't mean that in the abstract "I wish he'd just die" kind of way. I felt as though I could quite happily snap his thin uglylittle neck right there and then. I couldn't read my book all the way to work as I focussed on trying not to be angry, knowing it was such a little thing. But I just couldn't believe he had the audacity to laugh at me, someone who goes out of his way not to bother others. Who did he think he was?

And now I feel stupid; stupid for even contemplating violence when I know it never solves anything and would just make me as bad as 90% of the population (a fate worse than death in my snobby opinion). And stupid for letting someone so spotty, ugly, rude, arrogant, short, common and just plan stupid annoy me. I'm Jae, I'm a good person, and I am better than scum like him.

Needless to saying feeling absolutely rubbish because of this cold probably helped tip me closer to the edge than normal. Roll on home time, only about 9 hours to go. *sob*

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jason Don't Feel So Good

I suppose this is true in more ways than one.

The first thing that isn't making me feel so good is I'm poorly (I want some "Awww..."s here Dear Constant Reader ;) ). A bug has been going around at work and I finally caught it on Friday. It started with a sore throat, Saturday I started coughing, yesterday a runny nose was added to the mix and today I feel constantly like I'm on fire and am sweating buckets. Which was very pleasant on the way to work this morning.

I think it's just a bad cold, but I'm waiting to see how many people don't turn up today with the same thing.

The second problem is I'm depressed. Don't worry! It's not like my old style depressions I used to get before I met Jim. It's just a general feeling of melancholy. Reasons for depression:

1) Work is dull now, with boring people and no work outings to the pubs and clubs of London. We've become a proper company now with normal dull office workers taking over the place. My company has lost it's "cool" that kept me so happy when I first started here.

2) I hate people. London is just not the city to live in if you dislike crowds. If you find arrogant people with no basic human conscience annoying then this is the city to live in. I'm a small town boy feeling very out of place up here.

3) Weekends are far too short. I feel like my life is just work now, and if I get an opportunity to go out after work I feel like I'm wasting the little free time I have. You know what I mean... I just feel too tired to enjoy myself and even now on the weekends I can't be arsed to do anything as I feel like it'll just make the time go even quicker and I'll be back at work before I know it.

4) I don't think this cold is helping my mood much.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Jim
2) I have a 1 in 14, 000, 000 chance of winning the lottery
3) I've got a well paying job, which isn't that hard. I just don't want to work AT ALL.

So... to cheer me up here's Steps!

Oh.... 4) I saw the most gorgeous man on the train today... *knees weak*

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Halloween 2007

You, Dear Constant Reader, should know by now that I like horror movies. And I really love the horror franchises. Oh sure Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street were great... but my heart will always be given to Halloween. That movie was so very good, the music so iconic and the bad guy was truly terrifying. The movies that followed had their ups and downs (Josh Harnett in H20 was a massive UP!).

So it was with a mixture of excitement and apprehension that I sat down to watch the remake of Halloween. You know what? It wasn't bad? It a marked improvement on Halloween: Resurrection and the backstory on Michael Myers and his relationships with his family and Dr Loomis is welcome. Not a patch on the original though and to be honest they may as well have made a prequel rather than a remake. Oh well... with Michael Myers now being 6'8" I can dress up as him at Halloween and give it a real authentic feel! :D

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Strange Death Of The Blog Traffic Exchanges

Remember last year? Remember the fuss in the blogosphere over the launch of Who remembers when Blogexplosion was massive?

Now... Blogazoo died, Blogmad is practically dead and Blogexplosion is a half working site. However... I still use Blogexplosion as it now has a very fast turnaround on credits into visitors thanks to the fact there are much fewer blogs competing for attention.

Weird... what is exciting the blogosphere these days?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Blasts From The Past, Dave Lee Roth

A series of posts about those memories that just won't get out of my head. I hope writing them down will help exorcise the demons...

My mother is to blame for my Dave Lee Roth memories. She was an eighties rock chick (she's moved on to Scissor Sisters since then) and she listened to Van Halen, Kiss, Motorhead, Marc Bolan and above all else... Dave Lee Roth.

She had one video and on it was Just A Gigolo, California Girls, Yankee Rose and Goin' Crazy. And she played it constantly... go to her house and hum a few bars of any of those and she and my siblings will sing all the way through....

It reminds of a fun time in my life, living in Snodland, spending my days at Primary School whilst my evenings and weekends were spent walking the dogs around the great chalk pits nearby (full of allsorts of wildlife) and spending time with my mates. Innocent, sweet times...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Work? What is it good for?

Yoinked from Stunning Sexy Guys. He looks like he might be able to sort me out after an awful day at work.

It was so busy I had to give up my wiki writing (work related!), and my planning for a wiki presentation tomorrow, and answer phones and reply to customer emails. I'd forgotten how awful it can be. I made myself feel better by wishing a slow, painful death for those who were rude to me. Obviously only if they were far from a phone otherwise they'd probably moan at some poor 999 operator for the rest of their, thankfully, short life.

I did find a really great video while doing some wiki presentation research...

Love the song and love the video... made me smile anyway...

I might be going to Woburn Safari Park this weekend. Jae liketh animals.

And here's a Gordon Ramsay story for Jim!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Same Time, Same Place

I spent yesterday trapped in an underground bunker in central London assisting in the creation of a battle plan... if only it had been that exciting! But after my ten hour meeting finished and I'd squashed onto a tube strike swollen train home I ended up in the Local with Jim, my neighbours and one of their friends.

Twas the music quiz and we managed to beat our all time best achievement... we came more last then we'd ever come before. We even got a "wooden spoon" prize... a Prince CD... Wow...

Today down the Local we were given a Spitfire bottle opener... with real engine noises whenever you open a bottle... we are so privileged.

Gonna be so stressed for next few weeks... big changes are in store at work... which means... more work... I'll tell you about the changes after they happen, so I don't get sacked! ;)

Monday, September 03, 2007


There are many benefits gained from living in Greenwich... large choice of local pubs, the beautiful park, being very central whilst not being too Londonified. But the best one is not needing to get the tube to get to my work.

Today a 72 hour tube strike has begun on most of the tube, causing many people at my work to have to go home early. I had to talk to customers, I hate strikes! Thankfully I'm working at the Covent Garden Hotel tomorrow (ah... meetings...) so I won't have to suffer the lateness of my colleagues because of the strike.

Doctor Who is taking a gap year... in 2009! Jesus... how will we cope with only a couple of specials to see us through the year???

I Need More Time

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've had "Flagpole Sitta" stuck in my head all week so I offer the Gods of Blogging a video to try to exorcise the song from my brain!

And with poles in mind...