Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Visit To Lympne

Whilst drunk on Wednesday Jim contacted my mother and arranged to visit her this weekend. I love my Mum... however I also enjoy quiet weekends. Last weekend we had Hannah and Becka so I was expecting a relaxing weekend this week.

Alas it was not to be and yesterday morning Jim and I drove down to Lympne, stopping off at Ashford Tescos to buy Mum and Nan some flowers. That was Jim's idea before you all tell me what a good son and grandson I am. I have absolutely no money (none whatsoever) so I am in no position to make grand gestures like that.

We arrived at the house and had some cups of tea with my Nan and my siblings while we awaited my Mum and Tony, who had been in London to see Spamalot the night before. My sister has become a very unsavoury 11 year old and I really hope she grows out of her current petulant and spoilt phase.

Mum and Tony arrived and Tony, Jim, George and I headed out to Canterbury... Tony needed to get some new part of George and Beths school uniform, Jim and I needed food and George needed to convince someone to buy him some new computer games. Whilst I got some fish and chips from the well known best fish and chip shop in east Kent, George convinced Jim to part with cash in exchange for George getting two new xbox games. Cheeky boy!

On the way back to Lympne we stopped off for a couple of beers at the Black Horse in Monks Horton (brings back many childhood memories!) and sat outside watching the sheep and taking in the peace and tranquility of the countryside. I do miss that so much, London and city life are great for a little while but London is rubbish for long term living.

Saw off my Nan, and was convinced by Jim to stay the night (against my better judgement) around the families house. Played with Noodles the dog, Angel the cat and watched X Factor.

Feeling a little ill from myu recent bout of manflu I headed to bed early and slept fitfully (for some reason my, almost invisible, cousin Elliot was over so he had the spare room so Jim and I had my sisters bed) as the bed was too soft.

This morning Mum made a gorgeous fry up breakfast before I tried to watch Nat Geo Wild... sadly with all the other competing interests in my house it wasn't to be, but I did successfully argue against High School Musical, even if Zac Efron is in it.

We headed home, with Jims head full of moving house ideas. :( Just when I was really started to feel comfortable...


  1. Is Lympne close to the Kent seashore where they have those cute little holiday homes? A friend of ours has one. I have never been there but I have seen photos. They are tiny.

    If a new home is in the works, don't wait to move. We were in the last place for 23 years and it took six months to go through all the stuff and get it packed.

  2. It used to be close to the seashore back in Roman times. It was in fact one of the major ports of the country back then. Now the sleepy village is seperated from the sea by a couple of miles of marshland (Romney Marsh... a scary, forbidding place a bit like Idaho... ;) )

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