Friday, September 14, 2007

The 1500th Post: Randon Is As Random Does

Firstly let me share the following video with anyone who hasn't see it...

Now that you've stopped the laughing, Dear Constant Reader, let us begin.

I was off work on Wednesday and Thursday with a severe case of what everyone has been calling manflu. Anyway... so on Wednesday I went to the kitchen to finish the washing up, and meet with an unfortunate, and quite random, accident.

You know when pasta dries on to a saucepan? Well there I was using the rough side of the sponge to work a piece off when suddenly I felt a severe pain in my finger. I grabbed it out of the water thinking I must have accidentally cut it on a knife, only to find a centimetre long piece of hard pasta set deeply between my nail and the tip of my finger. I got most of it out, and to be honest I thought I'd got it all out, but the whole of Wednesday night my finger throbbed and throbbed.

Thursday morning, having had no sleep, I gave my fingernail a good inspection. I pushed down on it and... it popped... and out came one last piece of pasta. Oh, it was a very weird couple of days! Now there is a very visible hole under my nail but at least it doesn't hurt anymore!

Then, there I was sitting at home innocently at about 6pm last night when I got a phone call...

"Hi Jae, It's your Mum"

"Hi, what's up?"

"We're outside your flat"

"WHAT???" At this moment Jim jumped up from his chair giving me the evil eye.

"Caz (a neighbour of hers) and I are just parking up outside... Can we come up?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO..." I quickly rushed to the bathroom, brushing my hair and making sure I didn't look too ill "We'll go down the pub".

So that was how I found myself down the local with two 40 year old women dressed in purple who were off to see Prince. They only stayed at hour before heading off to the Dome to see him so it actually worked out very nice (and she did bring me some chocolate...). I've just received a text saying "Elton John held hands with us last night" (my Mum is a celebrity whore) so I'm assuming they found their car and got back to Lympne okay. Oh look... here's a BBC News Story about last night.

And finally. I won over £100 on roulette last night. Online roulette. I logged on to an old Betfair account and found £7 just waiting there for me so, as this money wasn't part of my budget and had been sitting there for months, I decided to gamble a little. Very sensibly I've transferred £20 to bank account already so I can't gamble it all away (thus I'm up on my initial outlay!) so no downsides to this one! Wooo... might go see Bill Bailey next weekend now...

Just got to work and been told my snotty self has to do a presentation tonight. :(


  1. Wow, that clip is scary.

    Congrats on your gambling winnings!

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