Monday, September 17, 2007

Leave Queers Alone (Or Else!)

Now we've all had a great big laugh over the "Leave Britney Alone" video. It was funny, if not slightly disturbing. However has anyone spent any time reading the comments on that video?

They are full of the most disturbing homophobic rubbish. Faggot this, queer that, you suck dick, is this a boy or a girl? etc. etc. I know, that is fairly standard for youtube, sadly this world is full of potty mouthed idiots without a brain. But God it makes me mad. These little bastards sit safely behind their computers screens and happily pour on the abuse, but out in public they are as nice as pie.

These little wimps are in desperate need of a straight bashing. Here's Chris Crockers attack on Fox News. Don't even get me started on them! Bill O'Reilly *shudder*

So did you hear the news? The ever gorgeous Brent Corrigan has auditioned to be in Another Gay Sequel. Oh how good would that be??? Brent Corrigan comes to the mainstream... gay mainstream anyway...


  1. Since I am fortunate enough to live near the water, I am able to live under the blissful illusion that everyone is relatively liberal and accepting of the choices of others. However, any quick jaunt on the internet convinces me otherwise. I've also kept an eye on the comments on that particular video. I'm also a gamer, and the things I hear people say during online games is appalling. Frequently, people will use that environment to get their aggressions out, and their worst sides come to light. Homophobia is today's racism, which is really sad considering that racism is still very much alive and well in all quarters of the world.

    Hate perpetuates hate. My only guess is that people who content themselves with constant gay-bashing have parents and role-models who exhibit the same opinions and behaviors. Education and information are, sadly, the only ways to eventually break this cycle down.

    All this being said, I am not sure that Chris Crocker is the most ideal candidate to foment more widespread acceptance of homosexuality. He's pretty ridiculous.

  2. Oh, I agree... he is ridiculous! But still... no need for all that hate.

  3. Well, Chris is not really doing "us" any good, is he. But you are right about these comments, I read some, and these were pretty homophobic.

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