Friday, September 21, 2007

Poured Lines

Wednesday I had to turn someone down after an interview. Nothing wrong with her, just we needed someone who could be here for a longer period of time. This was sad. I felt so mean. :(

After work I headed straight to the local to meet Jim. We had a meal there and proceeded to drink... and drink... and drink. I randomly met someone who works in the building opposite the building I work in (and whose business has quite an effect on the daily life of Vauxhall). We had a long discussion with him.

Near the end of the night some girl started mouthing off in the pub and was promptly made to leave. Sadly she thought pubs are all about swearing and drinking (her words)when actually I think they are more about the drinking and whatever else you do while you're there is just a bonus. Idiot.

Despite having eaten earlier in the evening at about 11pm Jim and I got the urge to have a kebab, and headed to the nearest kebab shop. Now this is not the usual one I go to and we quickly remembered why. We asked for two doner kebabs... and then waited... and waited. Whilst we waited we watched them slowly cook some disgusting looking meat. Jim, puffed up with lots of alcohol, walked out and we headed to the kebab shop we are used to... where we got our kebab in seconds and it was gorgeous.

Thursday... I woke up and felt pain. Immense pain. And I had a very nasty taste in my mouth. Alcohol tastes so good the night before...

So I dragged my sorry arse into work, inducted a new girl and then dragged my sorry arse home at the end of the day and went to bed... where I watched the new US series of Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares (ok, if a little too American for my liking...) and then a brilliant mid season close for Monk.

It even featured a scene that was totally reminiscent to an incident that happened to me and Jim while in San Francisco... I'll try and post a video soon.


Listening to Doctor Who Onlines podcast (yes, I'm sad. Get used to it!) and homosexuality was just described by Paul Cornell as a victimless "crime". CRIME? Grr... Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a closet heterophobe... It distresses me that straight people still think that homosexuality is something a little bad, even if they believe in gay marriage and all the rest of the liberal agenda. I just wish they'd keep they mouths shut on a subject they are barely qualified to discuss...

Homosexuality is good. It's great. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It is not an "alternative lifestyle". It's not against the word of God. It's not a victimless (or otherwise) crime. Heterosexuality is not superior to homosexuality.

Marriage is a human creation. The lifestyles humans have lead for the last 4000 years are human creations. Humans are not meant to get married. They are not meant to live together in peace. They are not meant to live in a civilisation. They are not meant to live in large groups. These are all human creations. Are they wrong? Nope... because right and wrong are human creations too. So straight people need to stop belittling the way I live because the way they live is such a bloody farce it's unreal. We all live such fake lives I don't think any of us can judge another group.


**LATER - 23/09/2007** Paul Cornell has clarified his position on his blog.

And as an further update on homophobia and me, on Friday I was stuck walking behind some bastards who were chatting about "fucking queers" (loud enough for me to hear even though I was busy listening to music on my iPod) which didn't improve my mood regarding heterosexuals in general. Didn't improve their mood either when the three men wearing suits were stopped by a giant homosexual and given a stern, but undoubtedly fair, telling off. As is my way with homophobes.


  1. Regarding kebabs -- I found lots of places, even the nicer ones tend to think kebabs should be made from the trimmings from other cuts of meat. Ugh!

    I have gotten so I cannot eat kebabs, or chicken dishes, if I don't make them myself. All the fat and grizzly parts are cut off. Gone.

  2. I'm really sorry, that was just a terrible choice of phrase, and it says the opposite of what I believe.

    Let me be completely blunt instead. I'm a Christian who doesn't think homosexuality is wrong or sinful or bad in *any* way shape or form. I think it has *exactly* the same ethical character as heterosexuality.

    It was the 'victimless' bit I was trying to emphasise, comparing myself to fellow believers who think differently. You wouldn't think I worked with words for a living, would you?

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