Monday, September 24, 2007

You've Forgotten How It Started

I gotta get out of here. And I'm saying that in a positive way. I dread coming to work every morning; that's not because of the job I do but because I dislike the whole idea of a 9 - 5 lifestyle. I realise that now, it's taken me 5 years of being absolutely unhappy, no matter how often I'm promoted or given a pay rise, to realise this.

Now I'm not being rash, nor stupid. I don't intend to resign or throw a hissy fit. But I must search for a way to end this drudgery. Life is too short to spend it serving the wants of others. We only get a moment on this planet and I don't intend to spend that whole moment living like everyone else, in a form of slavery.

I do have some ideas, and I intend to follow through on them.

Hey, vote in my poll to the right.


  1. Hi Jae!!
    I hope your mum, nan and brother were grateful for Jim's sudden genorosity. Unfortunately he isn't as generous with his own children but I'm sure they will be happy to know that their dance class fees paid for flowers and new x box games for your family.
    I must thank you for keeping me informed over the past two years of Jim's spending habits!
    Please pass on my regards to Jim!

  2.'s getting chilly in here.

  3. Gill,

    As my blog is a public, uncensored page I have no problems with you reading it. However given that I have never, ever interfered in the matters relating to you and Jim I find it quite disturbing that you have felt the need to bring up such matters on my website.

    I've kept my nose out of your business simply because I understand it is not my place to comment nor intervene, and I've bit my lip on many occasions to avoid saying things I would later regret. I would have thought you would have respected that and that you would not try to bring me into issues regarding finances or custody of your children.

    It would seem I was mistaken and you require an explanation for Jim's spending on me and my family. I give Jim money every month for my upkeep and expenses, bills etc. I also try to make sure Jim is paid in kind for things he does for me and my family by buying him meals and paying my way as best I can. My family also do the same, in fact their last holiday present to Jim was a £20 note wrapped in a nice new wallet. I even paid in full for the tickets to Woburn Safari Park and bought the kids the food and drink they had that day. Jim didn't spend a penny (through my choice). It is also my understanding that Jim, unlike a lot of absent fathers, pays a regular maintenance to you.

    I will continue to not comment on the upbringing of the children, nor on the issues with Jim; not on my blog nor anywhere else. I hope you will be mature enough to deal with the issues you have with Jim directly with him and certainly don't use me, nor my blog, as a way of indirectly attacking him.

    I have always tried to be civil towards you and will remain civil. I wish you well.

    Kind Regards


  4. As is customary when giving purse's or wallets as a gift, Jae's mum put £20 pound in a wallet they bought me. I felt it only right that I used that money to buy them some flowers in return. Also, the xbox games where second hand from game exchange and cost £10 for 2. I hardly see that as extravagant by any means.

    Certainaly not compared to the £570 a month I still pay to the mortgage in order for you to keep the house and the £400 a month I pay you in maintenance. Coupled with the fact that when the kids do stay with me and Jae, we always try and treat them to Mcdonalds or a takeaway (sometimes both), despite my current financial situation.

    I have always tried to help out where I can, which if memory serves includes me putting money in your account to take the kids out or indeed some money for you to get yourself some drinks on your night out a few weeks back.

    But no...that all gets forgotten about..because I dared spend £10 on someone else.

    I would dearly love to help pay for emily's dance lessons, and I fully intended to however,as I explained to you at the time, the clutch has gone in the car and I need to find £300 to fix it. As I need the car for work, that has got to take precedence.

    The fact that you felt the need to try and publicly humiliate me using this forum shows how low you are willing to go and hopefully people will realise that your comments are nothing more than a bitter and twisted individual who's only pleasure in life seems to try and make mine a living hell.

    I love my kids, I always have and always will (despite what you say to them and to me in front of them). Your poison is what is driving them away from me, and is something I know they will come to realise when they are older.

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