Monday, September 10, 2007

Jason Don't Feel So Good

I suppose this is true in more ways than one.

The first thing that isn't making me feel so good is I'm poorly (I want some "Awww..."s here Dear Constant Reader ;) ). A bug has been going around at work and I finally caught it on Friday. It started with a sore throat, Saturday I started coughing, yesterday a runny nose was added to the mix and today I feel constantly like I'm on fire and am sweating buckets. Which was very pleasant on the way to work this morning.

I think it's just a bad cold, but I'm waiting to see how many people don't turn up today with the same thing.

The second problem is I'm depressed. Don't worry! It's not like my old style depressions I used to get before I met Jim. It's just a general feeling of melancholy. Reasons for depression:

1) Work is dull now, with boring people and no work outings to the pubs and clubs of London. We've become a proper company now with normal dull office workers taking over the place. My company has lost it's "cool" that kept me so happy when I first started here.

2) I hate people. London is just not the city to live in if you dislike crowds. If you find arrogant people with no basic human conscience annoying then this is the city to live in. I'm a small town boy feeling very out of place up here.

3) Weekends are far too short. I feel like my life is just work now, and if I get an opportunity to go out after work I feel like I'm wasting the little free time I have. You know what I mean... I just feel too tired to enjoy myself and even now on the weekends I can't be arsed to do anything as I feel like it'll just make the time go even quicker and I'll be back at work before I know it.

4) I don't think this cold is helping my mood much.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Jim
2) I have a 1 in 14, 000, 000 chance of winning the lottery
3) I've got a well paying job, which isn't that hard. I just don't want to work AT ALL.

So... to cheer me up here's Steps!

Oh.... 4) I saw the most gorgeous man on the train today... *knees weak*


  1. I hope you are feeling better my Kenish Lad.

    Now, regarding the "work" thing. This is none of my business, of course. But...

    Perhaps one could go back to Uni, get a couple of degrees in how the Internet has changed the social structure of the world (Goldsmith's perhaps?) You are one of the world's experts in this subject.

    Certainly, one would still have to work, but it would be three days a week, with lovely undergraduates, for maybe 8 months a year. In the summers you get paid to take 15 of these young lovelies to Ibeza to do field research on contemporary culture...

    Your critical skills and your writing talent are too good to spend too much of your time on the selling office supplies. Or the calming of those dreary customers.

    I'll be quiet now.

  2. Kenish? Is that a typo or a compliment? ;)

    I am seriously considering going to university but... I hardly think I'm one of the world's experts in internet related social changes... If only! :D

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