Friday, September 28, 2007

The Oracle

One of my many nicknames at work is "The Oracle". Yesterday kind of brought home to me the way some people there see me.

I got the nickname because, supposedly, I know everything there is to know in terms of my department at work. I am the go to person for knowledge. I've always been that person, my mum will happily tell you that I used to be able to tell you the difference between different missiles during the Gulf War. I'm the quiet one who used to absorb every bit of family gossip that I heard... which people would freely share even if I was nearby because "Oh it's just Jason, he won't tell anyone." I've never felt the same about some family members since. And everyone knows that I can compile information on someone in seconds (a stalker? Me??? Never...)

At Eurotunnel, even as a temp, people used to ask me how to do things. At TVW I became a floorwalker whose job it was just to answer other peoples questions. So it is pretty much my natural position in a company... the human wiki.

But it isn't just work related things people come to me about. I noticed a long time ago (and used to mention it, mournfully, here on my blog) people love to tell me their secrets. I know so many secrets that no one else seems to know. I often forget them and then someone else will say "Oh my God did you know....?" and I'll have known that secret for years... he he...

But now that's evolved... now people ask me for advice. Sarina will phone me with "hypothetical" situations such as "If I was at Stansted and had just missed my flight, what would I do?" (Hypothetical, my arse!). I'm the one who gets called to visit the hospital. I'm the one who gets asked what time the train to this place or that place is.

What is it about me that people seem to feel requires them to trust me, my knowledge and my ability to keep a secret (friends will know this ability is severely limited). I find it very weird.

Ooo... Stacey Lady just added me as a friend on Facebook... I haven't seen her in ageeeeeeees.

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