Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Weekend That Disappeared!

One minute it was Friday night and I was running out of the office door as fast as my legs could carry me, and the next second it's Sunday evening. Where did it all go?

I have some bits of memory.

Friday I got home to find a bunch of new clothes, much needed after many years of not being able to afford new clothes. Thanks to some new shopping sites I've said goodbye to High and Mighty and their scarily expensive clothes and hello to some better deals. Feel a lot better with them, and feel more confident in going out.

Saturday Jim and I went down to Folkestone. Jim sat around with the parents, whilst I headed out with Sam to lend a hand delivering leaflets for his election campaign. We got a lot done, and even spotted Michael Howard and Damien Collins desperately doing Tory emergency campaigning as they try to maintain their councillors in Hythe following a local expenses scandal. I saw no other parties posters up, but lots (and I mean lots) of Lib Dem posters and placards around town. Usually it's a fairer split than that. People on the door step were unusually positive towards us (and very unhappy with the Tory councillors) and I think Sam has a real chance. Good luck for Thursday Sam, my fingers are crossed for you!

I followed up a lot of walking with a nice BBQ at home.

Sunday we headed home early (mainly to feed Gibbs but also to avoid a village wide garage sale that was already causing a fuss at 8am in the morning, everyone's after a bargain these days) and indulged in an inexpensive Battlestar Galactica marathon.

Wow... look it's a Charles Dera picture I've not published yet! Remember him, Dear Constant Reader? Good times. Good times.

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