Tuesday, January 14, 2003


OK I think you, Constant Reader, and I are the only people in this country who are not paedophiles. It seems that everyone else is completely obsessed about child sex. Are we the only people who have no interest in this at all? Parents who seem to be able to talk about little else are the kind of parents I think should be removed from contact with kids. Tabloids print disgustingly graphic details to tantilise their sick readers, no doubt. Hello!! Why not look after their children, remain vigilant, and let the police deal with it? Because then that would make them responsible for the lives they have brought into this world. And most British parents have no concept of responsibility. Rant over.

Stephen phoned me last night! Wow! That like never happens! It is always me that phones him. He comes back home soon for an operation on something I can't even pronounce, let alone spell! He seems to be looking forward to having gay mates stay over, which shall send his parents round the BEND! Muhahahaha

OK news on the job front. According to an undisclosed source, there is a new agency taking over the call centre contract. And it may well be they want to employ us temps due to our experience. You see I can keep the same job, just change employers. Complex stuff.

My addiction to Zoo Tycoon is over. My addiction to C&C: Red Alert 2 is only just beginning.

Have discovered there is this boy who lives just up the road from me who has the most gorgeous eyes, and the sweetest smile. *swoon* Bumped into him in the village shop. Mmmm......

I promise not to stalk him. Honest!!

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