Thursday, January 23, 2003


Congrats to So... and Blogging Brits as they have both been nominated for the Bloggies (thats like the Oscars for Blogs). So will you all go vote for them!!

Oh dear me..... see here. It's as we all suspected. I don't think this meets the stringent criterea of a "just war" (was it Kant who spoke of this..... Religious Studies seems so long ago!).

But these people are stupid. Hello! This man gassed his own people. He must be deposed. Just not by the Americans. Let the Europeans or the Russians sort him out.

I phoned up the new temping agency yesterday. They will be coming to the call centre to register me on Friday. I don't know if things are going to turn out okay though. It seems temps all over the company have been laid off. Hmm...... and they have some crazy new plans involving video phone. Imagine waking up to me in the morning!!

Ah..... have some 18 year old who wants to "meet up". I shan't do it as I am being very good. "What do you mean?" you all shout, "he is probably just looking for friends". Note: on every occassion a gay man has said "Hey let's meet up" it actually turns out to mean "Let's fuck". And I am in a relationship, and for once I am going to be good little Jae. *halo appears over head* But his picture does look very nice..... *halo falls and knocks Jae to the floor*

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