Monday, January 13, 2003

With Prejudice

So yes on saturday, after a Terminator marathon, I watched Without Prejudice again. This show makes me want to get a gun, set up a defensive wall, and stay inside it for ever and ever. This weeks runner up supported animal testing. The winner didn't. They supported testing on prisoners.... When will this madness end!!!!

Then watched The Shining..... very scary.......

Yesterday I went to work to discover all the temps have been sacked. As yet no one has actually phoned from the Temp agency to tell me I am sacked. Which is rather inconsiderate. So it is time to start looking for a new job. I don't want to be a layabout again now do I?!

And finally, sorry to keep coming back to these people..... view this and see why I think Christians are secretly Pharisees working against the teachings of Christ.


So I phoned the agency to find out where I stood, and it was confirmed, I will no longer be working at the call centre after Febuary the 9th. Fun. Where is that offer of a permanent job? Hmmm.... I do believe I have been right royally screwed.... again.... On a better note, the agency are looking for a new job for me, so hey I get to meet new people, oogle new men, and generally create Jae flavoured chaos somewhere else. Yay!

Also, my debts reared they ugly heads again, but I slapped em down with a quick £100 payment. That should shut em up. Oh there goes my savings!

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