Sunday, January 05, 2003

Do You Really Believe That Anything Is Going To Get Better Without Me In Charge? ;o)

Firstly I saw a great/terrible show last night called "Without Prejudice". It's a game show where a group of members of the public judge five other members of the general public, to decide who gets £50000. It was good in that it was deeply addictive. It was bad as it really showed just how far things have still to go in getting rid of bigots. Some snippets "he has really big ears". "He is way too young". "He is too old". "He will just spend it on leather and *poppers* (the bloke actually said the scientific name)" (that was about the gay guy who, please note, was a father, a restaurant manager, and the most boringly ordinary person on the show)

Even Lisa Turbuck, the brilliant presenter (ok so I'd like her even if she presented "Songs Of Praise"), looked shocked by the time it was all over.

And then we have this story. I know, I know, every one is against asylum seekers. I am to a certain extent, simply because they pose a threat to my way of life. But come on!! Hello!! He comes from Zimbabwe. He is white, gay and talented (let us for the moment forget he is also undoubtedly rich, posh and feed with a silver spoon). He will be slaughtered if he returns to that hell hole of a state. Let him work at least and pay for himself, instead of forcing him to seek family friends aid.

Oh good Lord I worry about a country where our cricketeers are seriously contemplating playing in Zimbabwe. Mugabe= Hitler. Mugabe is killing his people. And we wnat to go play a team of cricketeers to whom he is patron? Blah!

The solution is obvious. I must take over the world. There we go, problems sorted. :op

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