Sunday, January 26, 2003

Down In The Ghetto

Without Prejudice was on last night. Oh yes it was very homophobic as always, but this time at least the gay man got to the last two, despite being in a relationship with two men.... (I want two boyfriends!.... oh wait I have two..... *glee*)

Three years ago I made a concious decision to stop going out on the scene, and make friends out in the real world, and if they happened to be gay, even better. I didn't want to be ghettoised, or prejudiced, and I thought people had moved on enough to mean being gay meant very little.

So here I am after three years, and I realise just how stupid I was. I have begun arranging meetings with other gay guys my age down in Folkestone, as I tentatively step back out onto the scene. My mates are the best in the world. And I love them loads! But I also need some gay mates, who I can chat to, annoy, oogle over men with and generally have a laugh with. When I am with other gay men (and gay women for that matter) I feel far more at ease and secure.

Going to straight places is great..... but it always leaves me feeling a tad isolated. Anyway I just thought I'd write down that my experiment is over, I am heading back to the ghetto (on a part time basis, as of course I love going out with my friends way too much to stop!!)

Help Tony's family is here, and they have already mentioned my height..... you'd think after ten years they would have got over it... but no they sit there and stare like dumb cows chewing cud..... STUPID people!

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