Monday, January 06, 2003

A Comedy Of Errors

Today I felt rather.... groogy.... tis the best word I can use.

Last night I went to see The Two Towers, which rocked. Can I marry legolas please?! then off me, John, Zoe and pete wandered down to gees, and much jukebox fun. Feel into a deep sleep.

I got up, called a taxi, and the taxi arrived. I strode confidently towards it, until I realised that my steep drive now resembled an ice rink. Too late! One leg went up, the other down, and I hilariously collapsed. :o(

I get to Cheriton and the barbers, Alishas Attic is playing on the radio. "Push It All Aside". I realise that it was a year ago yesterday that I left Brighton and began my little adventure. Scary how fast time goes by now.

To cheer myself up, (remembering that I promised to smile a lot this year! ;o) ) I went and bought The fellowship of the Ring. Nothing to do with a certain gorgoeus elf I must add!

In Tesco's some rude, horrible assissant made me feel awful. :o(

work was 1) dull and 2) sad. Most of my lesbian posse have been sacked by homophobes. The rest are leaving soon, and hav been made part timers. I saw them today, and they seemed so down. :o(

Got home to find Tony had locked my babies out in the cold! Grrr..... anyway once i started to snow I found em and got em inside.

ITS SNOWING REALLY HARD!! How will I get to work tomorrow?

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