Monday, January 27, 2003

In A Daze, But Still Being Positive

Work was so strange today. The morning it was all really bad customers, causing me to dream of throwing a sicky. Then the new temp agency lady came round, and really didn't impress me. Sure we get a rise, and perhaps a kind of commission..... but she really didn't seem up to her job. I ran and phoned my current bosses and almost shouted "Help! I'm A Temp Get Me Out Of Here!".

Stacey is sacked as of Sunday. :o(

The office was so hot today that I could barely think. Then got told I am part of a new experiment in call standards..... can't go into it... but it is a really good thing!

On way home had to pick up twins from a family friends house. They live on the Leas. Mum parked up outside their flat, in a small car park bit on the cruising area. And I had to sit there while all these other men, just out of the office looking for a quickie were sitting in their cars cruising.... me...... JOY! Or not.....

Am off out with Becky tomorrow.

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