Saturday, January 25, 2003

Nothing Standing My Way? This Can't Be!

So after answering a whole bunch emails that were not junk (I never have none junk emails!) I set off for work and what I thought would be a meeting with the new temping agency. They never showed. Very professional of them. Tut! So I phoned my latest boss at my current agency who is looking for permanent work. And she told me she was putting me up for a job with a salary of........ £15900. Wow. It is in a call centre in Ashford. The hours are really long, but so you get loads and loads of time off. It would be perfect.

Transport links to Ashford are better in Lympne than the ones to Folkestone, and with the money and time off I can actually come visit people!! I am really going to try for this job. If I get it it would solve so many problems!!!!

Work was good, quiet and for once I wasn't fretting too much over my future. After work went to the cinema with Zoe, and watched About Schimdt. (Please see About Shit) It was rubbish, had no storyline or direction. It could of been good if someone had slapped the writer round the head a little more often and told him to stop faffing around!

Turns out Peter Carroll came to visit it me yesterday but I wasn't in. He is the Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate. i.e. The Boss.

I would just like to say one more thing. I am so glad I was not born straight!!! Have decided being gay is way too much fun. But we already knew that now didn't we!

Five Worst Movies Of All Time - First Draft

1. The Hole
2. Being Considered
3. About Schimdt
4. Deathwatch
5. Needful Things

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