Friday, January 24, 2003

Do I Look Like I Can Be Bothered To Actually Write Stuff?

This is how I spend my days off:

Jason says: oh hello.... didn't see you there!
Jason says: how r u?
Stephen: not too bad, but busy doing a write up
Jason says: sounds evil....
Stephen: yep totally
Jason says: been up to much?
Stephen: nope nowt
Jason says: neither have i... except boring stuff like sorting out my job... blah... am off to see chicago at the cinema tonight tho...
Stephen: well smart, thinking of seeing at West End
Jason says: oh i bet that is EXCELLENT....
Stephen: Hope so
Jason says: have checked my gaydar account for first time in ages.... ah, too many messages!!
Stephen: bless any nice guyz?
Jason says: an army one!! armybilad, and it would seem that the front in town is becoming a gay bar! yay!
Stephen: hang on
Stephen: noval
Jason says: ah... the poor fools.... oh well seems to be some nice people who wanna go out for drinks which is good...
Stephen: well smart, pic the fit ones, hehehe
Jason says: i only go for character, not looks stephen.... *cough*
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: don't you believe me? :-)
Stephen: I do
Jason says: thousands wouldn't
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: ah... am bored of replying to silly messages now....
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: there am all done, everyone got a reply.... aren't i good!
Stephen: yep sure are
Jason says: cool... azm bored now..... bloody days off do this to me! what to do? hoover? *laughs*
Stephen: hahaha
Jason says: am going stir crazy.... can't wait for zoe to come pick up and take me to ashford!!! am so isolated from anything fun here!
Stephen: awwwww
Jason says: am definetly going to check out the front bar now... hope it is friendlier than skuba
Stephen: hehehe will have to visit when I'm back
Jason says: yay! we can go scare the new owners.... muhahaha
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: right have just discovered the limitations of gaydar classic..... grrrr....... double grrr.......
Stephen: hahaha whats ur profile
Jason says: jaekay
Jason says: i thought you knew.... just been having a conversation with someone who knows you....
Stephen: OMG who???
Stephen: well???????????
Jason says: he is 6'4...... paul i think his name was...
Stephen: OMG Paul Prentice
Jason says: goes to kent uni?
Stephen:Yeah, friend of mine for ages
Jason says:oh.... well now it seems very random me chatting to him......
Stephen:hehehe, god I've know him for bout a yr or so
Jason says:he seemed nice
Stephen:yeah he is, good friend n listener
Jason says:cool..... right i better go and do stuff instead of spending hours chatting to like 20 people! don't quite know what i am going to do but will figure something out! see you soon .... love ya. Jae x

Hmmm...... never did make it to Chicago, I had promised to babysit..... bugger..... but did get propostioned by cute army lad.... which is always a good thing! Zoe came round and we saw a new betting TV channel.... called AVAGO (as in Have A Go). It was sssssoooo rubbish that is was brilliant. The amount of viewers is so small the presenters seem to know them. For instance "Oh look we have a Gladys from Folkestone playing, I wonder if she knows Paul" Paul as in someone who often plays, but wasn't right then. Appallingly good.

Ian phoned. What is it with all these men all of a sudden?

The BNP have won another council seat. Anyone who votes for them is betraying the memory of all those who fought and died fighting the nazis. And that really isn't a very British thing to do now is it? (Betraying your fellow countrymen that is , not fighting the nazis [that is actually a national pastime])

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