Friday, January 10, 2003

A Great Evil Looms In The West

Firstly, Stacey has been sacked. She leaves on Febuary 9th. :o( I'll miss her. Her sunny outlook always brightened my day. And now my selfish thoughts turn to my own job. Will I survive this latest cut?

Secondly I finally took a risk and read the most disgusting, unChristian and God less site in the world. God Hates Fags. What possessed me I will never know. But now I have read it, I am more determined than ever to erase homophobes from this Earth forever!

Again this site continues the whole myth of the gay mafia. Now for all you sane people out there I would like to make this clear... we gay men do not have secret meetings where we plot the downfall of governments/religion. We don't hide in the shadows and dream of recruiting more "children" (I quote from the site) into our evil plans. All I want is a cute boyfriend, who is a touch insane, a whole pride of cats, a nice flat, and stable job. I couldn't give a fuck about converting others to homosexuality, and when I do suggest such things it is in jest! .......

Oh fine you win, I am planning on taking over the world. We shall seduce you children into following us, via TV and school. And once we have taken over the earth we shall make everyone wear Prada, adopt Better The Devil You Know as our anthem, and create the Jae salute, a limp wristed version of the Hitler salute. God fearing Christians shall be feed to Brian Blessed. Muslims to George Bush. Oh and yes it is true. We eat babies. To read more of our cunning evil plots to destroy you comfy lifestyle read here

OR NOT!! The writers of God Hates Fags are people we should feel sorry for. Imagine being that dumb. I mean I am nt the sharpest tool in the shed. But God just IMAGINE! I expect they have difficulty just getting out of bed. They actually took that Revolution article seriously (here), as if it wasn't a rebuke of everything they themselves stand for! It seems quite obviously to be an ironic piece. If it wasn't I don't think that the writer really represents gay men everywhere now does he? A bit like saying Hitler represents all hetrosexuals everywhere.

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