Thursday, January 30, 2003

Where Is Everybody?

Seems its just you and me again blog, everyone else has buggered off!

OK so last night Peter (I won't use his surname anymore as I really don't want to pop up on the search engines!) came round to meet me. He is in charge of our local Lib Dem party (from now on LD) and is our prospective parliamentary candidate. He came round with a bloke called Shaun, and we chatted about what I could help out with. Am now Lympne's only LD willing to deliver leaflets. Previously they had a 76 year old with a pacemaker from Hawkinge doing the rounds! Also invited me to a Chinese evening on Saturday.... don't know if I should go yet. And Sam he finally worked out I was your friend!!!

AH! I have a couple of days off work, and now my phone rings!! It was somebody dumb called "Leon.... thats L-E-O-N" (I would never have known....) for Tony wanting to know Bob's phone number in Spain. I think he means Bill, my grandad. He was most dumb, and started talking to me as if I was Tony after I had categorically stated I was not!! HELLO!! I hate phones. And people.

Where is the snow they promised? Hmmmm........

I know there are other things I wanted to say, but I've forgotten...... I'll be back!!

Two Minutes Later

I'm back!! Go check out this blog as its rather good!

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