Thursday, January 09, 2003

How Sweet!

This so backs up my belief that Samwise and Frodo are sssoooo gay. I was really annoying Zoe on Tuesday when she came round to watch the Fellowship of the Ring, by suggesting just how gay they were!

Poor Zoe had to deal with a really icy road on her way home, my road was literally covered from kerb to kerb in a thick layer of ice. :o/

Last night we watched rat race, and I bought Dogma (which so rocks). It only cost £6.99 on DVD. Bargain!

Am skiving off work today.

Mmmm.... eye candy......

OK gay sex. You would think that from a gay point of view it was simple. But oh no. Gay men obviously can't do simple.

In my surfing I have come across such sexual diversity it is amazing. That is a good thing. But it would seem that fights are erupting all over the place. The "Cockrubbers" don't like the "analists" (what a crappy word!). The cocksuckers don't like the rimmers (oh dear brand new take on Red Dwarf). What the fuck is going on?!

Hello.... whatever the fuck your into, why on Earth would you need to bad mouth what others are into? Well as someone who doesn't fit neatly into any of their categories, I am disgusted. We have homophobes to deal with and all these gay men can think of to do is bad mouth what other guys get up to in the privacy of the bed room.

So I say it loud, proud and clear....... celebrate all things sexual, all things that make people happy, and turn your hatred on those who are prejudiced against others for no reason.....

Note to self...... hit Stephen over the head with an iron if he is racist or homophobic to Lesbians again.

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