Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Jae Is A Great Big Lush

On Tuesday night I phoned Stephen, who is fine. Hmmm...... seems he doesn't really mind if I sleep around. I have yet to decide if that is a good or a bad thing. I am going to ponder it some more.

Yesterday went to the Leas Club with becky, we chatted for a while about nothing as always! I was in the middle of saying something when someone caught my eye. Some really fit guy wearing a gorgeous top came wandering down the stairs. Then I realised..... it was MT. Oh I had forgotten how simply gorgeous that boy is! Of course whatever I was saying was now lost as my brain had turned to slush. Around half nine, ten o'clock Arron and Rob turned up which was great. But by this time I had drunk way too many Stellas and as MT was there had lost all power of thought (he kept bending over, how can you expect a boy to concentrate under such conditions?). So sorry Arron and Rob for my state!!

I am skiving off work today, as couldn't be bothered to go.

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