Friday, January 31, 2003

They Had It Coming!

I went and saw Chicago at the cinema last night. Twas great!!! May I sing you a song? No? Fine shall hum to my self in background *hums while typing*

Then when me and Zoe came out of the cinema we found it had been snowing! That's twice in one year! Wow! So today of course this meant all the frigging mental people who hadn't paid any attention to the weather forecasts of the last week got stuck on the motorways for 12 hours..... and blamed the Government! Hello! Tis winter..... snow is to be expected, and snow causes disruption...... thats the whole fun of it!!

And then they phoned up the call centre..... "As its snowing we don't have to pay amendment fees do we?" Errrr..... let me think "YES you do!" You should have made arrangements or been prepared to pay the fee! tut!! This world is kerazy!

Tis Justin Timberlakes birthday today according to Zoe...... happy birthday! Now come and unwrap you present...... hehe....

Oh poor Stacey..... I found a note pinned to my desk today "I AM BLUE WITHOUT YOU" written in blue and with a sad face drawn on. I want to give her a hug and tell her everything will be ok. :o(

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